Q&A Part 21: Switching Genres

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@ChayWolf asks:  What made you move from actual sci-if and Dystopian like in the Across the Universe series and The Body Electric to dealing more with mental illnesses and "real life"? I know you mentioned you grew up with a brother who had a mental illness, did he influence your decision to change the overall theme of your Novel?

I really, sincerely didn't intend to write a contemporary novel. I wanted to write a time travel adventure with a twist. I wanted to play with what was real and what wasn't, and in the original draft, you 100% didn't know which reality was "real." (In the final book, there's more a "lean" to what's real and not, but I purposefully put in some ambiguity so you could argue that the other reality is real.)

I did know as I was writing that Bo was based partly on my brother. I couldn't help that; they reminded me of each other. But it was during edits, when the story shifted so very much, that it developed into a much more personal book. And the closer it got to my real life, the closer the book got to reality in general. 

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