Q&A Part 1: Hardest & Easiest to Write

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@JulianaCantinho asked: What was the hardest and the easiest thing about writing A World Without You? And what book are you reading right now? I love your books, Beth!!!

The easiest part was the powers. Each of the kids in the story has a special power--telekinesis, the ability to control fire, invisibility, etc. That part was fun. Even though Bo's power is time travel, and writing time travel can be difficult, I had a blast doing it. 

The hardest part, though, was writing about Bo's mental illness. Growing up, my brother had a mental illness. It wasn't like Bo's--he didn't have delusions or believed he could travel through time. He was severely bipolar, prone to wild mood swings, and because he self-medicated with illegal drugs and prescription drugs, he died while we were both in our twenties. I don't want to say that our family was broken--it wasn't--but pieces of it was. 

I didn't have a typical relationship with my brother. I remember things like family vacations and playing outside that were normal, but there were things that weren't normal, too. Like not inviting friends over because I didn't want them to see my brother's mood swings. Like watching him punch a hole in the wall. Like the nights my mother would creep into my room at night and lock me inside my bedroom in case my brother decided to try to go after me. 

When we see families on television, they're always perfect. No matter how much a brother or sister fight on TV, they make up by the end and are happy. But real life isn't always like that. 

Tapping into that while writing this novel was very, very difficult. This is the most personal thing I've ever written, and I had to go to a really dark place, personally, for me to write it the way it needed to be written. 

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