Q&A Part 20: Music

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@BrittanyKelley1 asks: Does music play a role in your writing process? Do you create playlists for each book you write?

I really, really work better if I can turn my ears off. Sometimes, this means just putting on my noise-cancelling headphones and not listening to anything at all. Sometimes, this means music. 

For me, I like to listen to the same handful of songs over and over on repeat--thousands of times! It takes me a few tries to find the right song(s), but when I do, I just listen to them constantly while writing. It's usually a mix of instrumental and vocal, and usually the vocal songs are either a really catchy tune that I like or something kind of obscure. 

I always feel kind of lame because other authors have "cool" music for their playlists, and mine are always just a few random songs that no one else likes! 

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