Q&A Part 12: What subject am I afraid to write?

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@SideKickA7X asks: Is there a certain subject or situation that you would love to write about, but are nervous to start?

Honestly? It was A World Without You. I did not mean to write a book about my dead brother. Ever. I never meant to ever, ever, ever bring this up in a conversation, let alone write a book that ended up being this personal, this close to home. 

And it. Is. Terrifying.

Seriously. This book is so personal to me. There are scenes in this book that word-for-word happened to me. The emotions are real. They're true. They're the way I felt, the way I lived. And peeling that much of the curtain away? I literally get sick thinking about it. 

I think the only way I did it was because originally, the story wasn't about my brother. That happened in edits, slowly, one scene at a time, as the story shifted from time travel to mental illness. The truth crept up on me, until suddenly, it was like the puppet had become a real boy right in front of my eyes. 

God, I hope you like this book. 

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