Happy Father's Day

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//part 2 of A Child in the Midst of War

"Genji," You asked the cyborg Shimada who was meditating. Genji stop and look to you, urging you to continue. "Where is Dad?" Dad aka, their Commander Morrison, their leader.

"He is with Reinhardt and Mercy. May I ask why?" You looked left and right before appraoching him. "I wanna give him a Father's Day gift." You whispered as you took out the gift you hid.

"I see, I could help you." Genji scanned the gift you've made. You were still a child, still growing and still learning. You smiled at him. "Thank you, Genji!" You hugged him.

Genji chuckled. "Anything for a friend." He pat his head. "Now, let's search for Dad."

You giggled. "Yeap!"

Few minues later...

"That is a wicked gift you got there!" Tracer chirped as she looked the gift.

"I'd say its wonderful," Winston adjusted his glasses. "Good job, (Name)."

"The kid got style." McCree complimented. He didn't lit up his cigar. You were in the room or else he will get a scolding from Morrison.

"She have a perfect eye for design." Symmetra smiled warmly at you. Bastion did some cheerful beeps and boops.

"Its very pretty, (Name)." Mei said. She was tying your hair into a ponytail.

"Morrison would love this." Mercy was seating next to you. "Have you eat your greens like I ask you?" You nodded your head. "That is wonderful."

"Ah, here he comes." Reinhardt walked in. Everyone got into their place. You too went into your position. Tracer turn off the lights then blinked away to her hiding spot.

"Attention soldier-, huh?" Morrison walked into the dark room. "What is going on?"

"Uh.." You were nervous. Morrison heard your voice and went over to you. He kneeled in front of you. "Is everything alright, (Name)? Do you have another nightmare?"

You quickly took out the gift and shouted,"Hap-Happy Father's Day!"

Morrison was stumped. He was speechless with what to do. What he didn't know that it was Father's Day and (Name) saw him as a Father figure. You have given the guys who was Father figure. The last one was for Morrison, your number 1 Dad.

"Thank you," He kissed your forehead as he accept your gift. He unwrapped the wrapping paper and what he gets, was beautiful. He was thankful for the gift you gave him. Morrison got a cup that has a '#1 Dad', a shirt that says 'Greatest Dad' and a mini trophy that says 'Dad Award'.

Genji was filming the whole thing from his hiding spot. He was happy with you and at the same time, he wish he could do what you do when he was little. He could thank his father. Give him gifts and love.

Soon, everyone came out of there hiding and shout,"Happy Father's Day!"

Morrison, in response, pick up the (Name) and went to his defensive mode. The little girl laughed at Morrison's reaction. Morrison couldn't help but laugh with her. Then the rest of the Overwatch team laughed.

It was a beautiful memory. For all of the Overwatch agents. For Morrison. Most of all, for (Name).

- -
Happy Father's Day to all Dads

there's a weekly brawl in Overwatch and it was all about Dad 76. wish i could play but i have assigments to finish...

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