College AU! I'm sorry, but I'm taken

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You rejected the boys who asked you out. All the girls thought you were mean but once you explain the whole thing, they understand.

"I'm sorry but I don't think I can," You rejected another boy. The boy just gave you a sad smile before turn and walk away from you.

You sighed. "How long will he come here?" You muttered to yourself as your friends came rushing to you.

"So... who's your boyfriend?" Hana asked, smiling like a Chesire cat.

"That's the 20th boy you've rejected." Widow pointed out.

"Can't you see she has a boyfriend and she must stay loyal to him." Mei shot back. Widow reply with a grunt.

"Don't worry, I'm sure he will." Pharah pat your back. "Just believe that he will be loyal to you or else..."

"Guys, I get it. I get it." You pick up your bag and slung it over your shoulder. "Don't forget about class." Hana and Lena quickly catch up to walk with you.

"When will you tell us how did you meet him, love?" Lena asked. Hana looked up from her game console and stared at you.

"How about I tell you girls during lunch break? Deal?"

"Deal!" Hana and Lena shouted in unison. They have the sparkle in their eyes just because of your man. You laughed at their antics before arriving to class, in time.

Lunch Break

"So, (Name)," Lena spoke up. "How did you meet him?" Every girls on the table stop what they were doing and looked at you. Its like they are listening to a bedtime story. From you.

"Where should I start?" You nervously asked, feeling a bit shy.

"From the start would do." Mercy smiled.

"Okay," You take a deep breath. "Well, we meet at the War Memorial Day. I was with my Dad, he was telling me stories of Granpa. How he survive the war and all. Then he turn around just to meet his friend, Mr Morrison."

"I introduce myself to Mr Morrison and Mr Morrison introduce his son, John to me. John or Jack, he likes to be call as Jack. The both of us went into another conversation. It was a pleasant one, not a dirty one." You shot Hana a look.

"As Jack and I keep talking, our dads called us and my Dad wondered if he could have a dinner with Jack's family. Of course, Mr Morrison laugh and nodded his head."

"So I got ready for the dinner at some fancy restaurant. Mom helped me with my outfit, in return I help her with her hair. Once we were done, Dad drove to the restaurant. The Morrisons, surprisingly came at the same time. Dad went and talk to his friend, Mom tried her best to talk with Mrs Morrison and as for me, Jack make his first move by talking to me."

"He was sweet to me. And, oh, a Gentleman at that too! He did the chair thing that those Gentleman do. All of us sat at the same table and ordered up. The food was great-"

"Tell me the juicy-juicy parts!" Lena sighed.

"Alright, alright." I pat her head. "Its coming. Be patient."

"Right, back to me. Jack asked,'Would you like to go on a walk with me?' And I replied,'Yes.' We told our parents that we are going to get some fresh air. In the corner of my eye, I almost thought I saw my Dad smirked. So Jack and I walked outside, we keep talking more and it turn out that Jack was the same age as me. He went to another university, the Overwatch University."

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