Modern AU! Dad, mission report

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"Jack, how are you and the kids?" You asked your husband whom you are Skping right now.

"They are a lively bunch." He chuckled at your worryness for the kids. "I'l say, they are behaving well."

You sighed for a relief. "Thank goodness, for a moment I thought there will be chaos in the house."

"Hana got A in her Maths, Lucio and McCree are in the soccer team. Tracer still cause trouble with Reyes' kid. Zarya aced her P.E." He explained to you on what happen today.

"That's great to hear but, how about you?" You shifted your elbows.

"Me? I'm alright, the kids may be a handful but they are adorable." He sipped his tea.

"Hey, aren't you the one who suggest to get a family?" You smiled at that memory. It was a good one.

"Oh yeah, I did." Jack chuckled. Soon, a knock was heard and the door opened, revealing said kids, rubbing their eyes.

"Dad... I can't sleep..." They all said in unison. You couldn't help but to squee internally.

"Is that mom?" Tracer blinked and rushed over to the computer screen. "Hi mom!

Before Jack could do anything, all the kids swarm the computer screen, greeting and telling their mom about everything. You answer their question and was amaze by the love that your kids pour out to you.

"All right, guys. Its time for bedtime." You said, in your 'mom voice'. A chorus of 'no' was heard.

"If you guys don't behave, mom will not buy gifts for you." Jack stepped in, helping his wife.

"Okay..." Zarya said as the kids climbed to (Name) and Jack's bed. They all snuggled with each other.

"Its time for bed too, Mr Morrison." You joked.

"You too, Mrs Morrison." Jack shot back. "I'll see you, this Sunday. Good night, (Name)."

"Mm, good night Jack." Both of you ended the call.

Jack turn off the computer, check the windows of every house to make sure they are lock. Even the doors.

With all lock and safe, Jack went back to the bed, seeing his kids slept peacefully, he climbed in and let sleep take over.

- -
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