Papa to the rescue

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"Wait, what? Tell me from the beginning." You asked Hana. She was playing her Starcraft game as usual.

"Okay. I went outside just to grab some fresh air when all of a sudden, Reaper shows up." Hana explained. Her eyes were glued to the desktop screen.

"Reaper, brought some snacks in the gift baskets. He was asking me to join his group. I think you know 'that' group." Hana continued. "As I was thinking, Soldier 76 came out and chase Reaper. All I could do was just sit there and watch."

"Thanks, Hana." You stood up from her bed and went to outside of her room. As you step out, Jack was leaning against the wall. It seems he have eavesdrop on your conversation with Hana.

"So," You started, hands placing at the back. "Papa to the rescue, eh." Your voice had a hint of playfulness in it. Jack went towards you. You stood there, waiting, and wondering what will he do next to you.

He grabbed your hand and drag you away from Hana's room, from the girls, from the boys and most importantly, from the team. You and Jack went to a seculded place which was somewhere in the base.

Jack proceed to cage you between his arms and the wall. The wall was touching your back as you face him. You know what he is planning. Your hands carefully and gently remove his mask from his face.

Once the mask was removed, Jack attacked your lips. He was merciless to it, making your lips bruising. He let go and proceed to carry you like a sack. "W-wait!" You shrieked in response, red was covering your face. "Wh-what are you d-doing?!"

Jack didn't reply. He continue to carry you to his room and throws you onto his bed. "Call me papa once again." He growled seductively. You regret it but at the same time, your brain are clicking its gears on why your Jack was acting this way.

"You could say, I'm in the mood for some sights." Jack said. He must read your expression.

Okay, Hana what have you got me into? Was the last thought you had as Jack make love to you.

In the middle of the afternoon.

- -
sorry its short.
ive been playing as Mercy and some of the match, my teammates (well some) are nice to me.

They sometimes go and attack then come back to me for healing. The best part is that my teammates appreaciate me qwq

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