The Ghost of Talon

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"Reyes, I'm fine." I reassured him from my old phone. He's been contacting every hour, whenever I got out from my workplace, he would call the moment I stood up. My coworkers thought that it was my overprotective dad. If only they know the relationship we had.

He let out a long sigh on the other end of the line. "This one is different than the ones you faced. Back in the days, you were targeted and I don't want to loose another Agent." His voice strained, their tone was tired but he still kept working like he was running out of time.

I had finished my shift and Reyes called me when I step out from the building.

"I understand why you are worry but please," I crossed the street, the signal had changed to green man. I blend in well with the rest who are minding their own business. "You have to trust me on this."

"Mon amie, when you come back," Now it's Ameile's voice. "I am going to buy the macarons you eyed them a few weeks ago." Ack, she know my weakness.

I couldn't say no when she had made her own demands. "Oui, m'dame." I smiled at it, knowing that she can gave Reyes something to take. A breather, perhaps?

After that, they hung up on me. I turn off the old phone and stash it away into my coat. With winter rolling in, the leaves had fallen and its colour had changed. I make my way from the street to the nearby park.

Few kids were playing with each other, real and pure smiles were etched onto their mouth. I felt a pang of jealousy as I saw them playing as the good cops and the bad criminals. Reminds me of the old times.

The peaceful state were shattered when my old phone rang. Again. I whipped out from the pocket and answer the caller.

"Hermana (sister), careful where you look." Sombra? Why is she calling me? "Don't talk, just put on a happy face and a fake laugh."

I did what she told me. "Oh, you!" I laughed at the microphone while my eyes are searching for something that stands out than the public.

"That's estupendo (great), keep it up!" Sombra cheered.

"Are you gonna buy a bottle of those whiskey for the party? Wait, wait, what about that tango lesson you learned for that guy. Yeah, the dance class is in front of the Marriott Hotel." I added more to the fray. My voice being the cheerful and happy go lucky gal.

"Which country he said that he was from? India, was it? It is? Well, Lucy told me that he's gonna go spend his time with golf. Yes, yes. Oscar will join us for dinner." Using the phonetic term, she will definitely understand what I am talking about.

Sombra and I chatted like we were close friends from High School years. We keep adding fake details, names and addresses of myself to loose the stalker. From she had told me, Reyes didn't bother to tell me why I'm being stalked.

Is it because of my background with Overwatch? Some of us had pursued our childhood or teenage dream, the others become mercenaries and the rest, they did their very best to save the world from Talon and its forces.

Still, sitting in the park, the wind gave me a soft breeze to cool my rising temper. I don't want to shout and make trouble. I just need time to stall the stalker. He might be nearby, listening to our talk, watching our very movement but he can't. Thanks to Sombra and her wonderful skill, she had saved me from them.

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