Music Box

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Jack stormed into the base, the Overwatch base. Everyone took notice of his sudden demeanour. It happen after a few days, he was on a mission. With his beloved.

Everything was according to plan. Saving civilians, eliminating the bad guys and become a hero. One move change it all. Just because of one move, everything went down. It happen all too quickly. You were walking towards the jet, where Jack and the rescue civilians are. As you step foot, your left foot got shot. Then, the other. In a blink, you got shot from every direction.

You could see the fear and pain that struck Jack. You gave him a weak smile as you fall down. The rest of the Agents quickly cleared the area as Jack helped you to get up and drag to the table. You were loosing blood, fast!

The pilot put on full thrusters as he went super fast back to the base. Mercy was on stand by. She was at the base, training a few medic recruits. Everything was good but after hearing what happen to you. She dismissed class and rushed to help you.

Genji came by and pat 76's back. 76 couldn't do anything but gave you a long lasting look as Mercy took you away. She gave 76 a nod before leaving.

76 felt rage bubbling inside of him. If he could activate his visor, you wouldn't get injured. 76 decided to release the rage and anger to a punching bag. Every punch he released was the regret for not protecting you. Once he was cleared from the anger, he storm off to his room.

As for you, Mercy did her best to remove the bullets and reduce the blood loss. Her hands were bloody but it was for the best. Her recruits did a great job aiding her. It seems they were teaching her. The surgery was smooth as silk. Your heartbeat was normal and you were breathing fine.

"That's that," Mercy sighed. "Now, we should wait for her to wake up." Her recruits nodded their head.

Back to 76, he closed the door and approach an old wooden box. It was small. He unwind it before opening its lid. It was 'Canon in D Major'. The song you loved so much. 76 or Jack, remembered the day he bought it for you. It was a beautiful memory. The smile from your face was the thing he needed to see.

76 sit at the edge of his bed as he listened to the music box. Until a knock on the door disturb it. He growled softly as he closed the lid. He went to the door and opened it. His brows relaxed upon the sight of the doctor.

"She will be recovering in a few days." Was all she said. 76 knows what she meant. You are still alive. You are still here. You will not leave him. Mercy left 76 to do whatever he did just now.

76 closed the door, but this time, it was gentle. He lay down onto his bed. He open the music box, letting the sound to make him sleepy.

( Few days later... )

"How are you feeling?" Mercy asked you. You did a few stretch and there were no pain registering towards your limbs nor your body.

"Great! I've never had a good nap!" You cheerfully said. Mercy gave you a smile. She gave you a cup of warm milk. You accepted it and drink in one go. It was warm and nutrition.

"Thats great to hear-" A knock came by. "Ah! I will leave you to rest." She went to the door and make it open ajar. You tilted your head, wondering what it is about.

She faced you and slowly move away from the door. Your eyes widened at the sight of the familiar sound. "76?" You covered your mouth. Mercy leave the two of you.

"Nice to uh, see you..." 76 fidgeted with the holding of the music box. He slowly make his way towards you, each step was his nervousness, seeping to the floors. It was accompany by his happiness. He pulled up a chair and sat next to you. He placed the music box at the table top.

"You still keep it." You eyed the box. 76 was silent. He has his tongue tied at this moment. Usually, he would scold you to death but this time, he think it would be best for him not to scold you. You took the music box, unwind it and open it. Letting the song played. It gave you a cheerful vibe. A vibe that make you smiled.

"Yes, ...I did." 76 took off his mask and stood up. He sat on the edge of your medical bed. His hand was being fragile as he stroke your face with the back of his hand.

You leaned towards his touch. A touch you've missed. A touch he missed. Feeling the smoothness of your skin was the feeling he wanted. His blue eyes are admiring you. He was glad that you were awake and well. He couldn't help but leaned and let your foreheads touch each other.

It was a silent gesture. Knowing Jack, you could predict what he could do next with this act of affection. Jack slowly let his lips touching yours so that your lips could touch his, thus making a soft and subtle kiss. It was sweet, yes but it was full of longing and yearning of each other.

The music box played on when Mercy came back. She smiled softly at the sight of the both of you.

Jack had his arms around your shoulder and your waist while you perfectly snuggled against his chest, a peaceful smile was drawn unto your face. One of your hand were holding his, it was intertwined with Jack's and the other was placed under your pillow.

Mercy slowly and silently closed the door. She make a 'Do Not Disturb' sign and placed it to your door. She doesn't want anyone to rain on Jack's parade. She knew he was happy and excited to see you, alive and once more.

For once, she felt that her ship has set sail to a long cruise.

- -

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