Secret Love

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//high school au qwq

It was a mistake. Loving someone else boyfriend. You already have your own, and he was a good man but the other one, was better than him.

Peter was your boyfriend. He was the one who confessed and make you into this relationship. Then there's Jack Morrison. A guy you knew in your past which was hidden from your memory. You were happy that you were reunited with me but the smile didn't stay when he has a girlfriend.

Secret meetings was held every night. Secret kisses were exhange. Secret cuddles too. You and Jack enjoyed each other and have a regret bitting them. Should they leave their partner for the sake of each other? It was a painful feeling. Their partner was nice and sweet, compared to the both of you.

You sighed for the 100th time as you sat at one of the auditorium chairs. "What's wrong?" Mei asked. Should I tell her? Ah, screw it. You pour out everything to her. Mei was your best friend. A lot of secrets were kept by here and she was good at keeping secrets. "I see..."

She rubbed your arms. "Why don't you sing? Singing makes you feel better, am I wrong or right?" She gestured to the empty stage. You gave a her a pleasing smile.

"Thanks Mei, you always know what makes me feel better." You hug her before going down to the stage.

Lució saw you. "You're gonna sing?" He asked. You answer his question with a nod. Lució hand you a microphone. Luckily, Mei thought of a song that match with your situation.

You took a deep breath when the song came. "When you hold me in the street and you kiss me on the dancefloor." You closed your eyes, letting the thought came. "I wish that it could be like that. Why can't it be like that?" You opened your eyes, looking up. "Cause I'm yours."

Outside of the hall, Jack was talking with Gabriel and Jesse. They were chatting about the oncoming exams. As the trio passed by. Jack heard your voice.

( "We keep behind closed doors." )

Jack stopped in the middle of the hall. He stood in front of the auditorium doors.

( "Every time I see you, I die a little more." )

Jesse saw Jack, starting at the door. His stare was long and hard. Jesse too, heard your voice. "Go and see her. I tell Angela why." Jesse gushed Jack.

( "Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls." )

Jack nodded his head. "Thanks." Was he said as he enter the auditorium hall.

( "It'll never be enough." )

He was greeted with an angelic sight. You were singing. He took slow steps when he approach you.

"It's obvious you're meant for me." Your eyes didn't notice Jack when he enter the hall. "Every piece of you, it just fits perfectly." For your attention was towards the song and the memories that came. "Every second, every though, I'm in so deep."

You remembered the times when the both of you shared a kiss. "But, I'll never show it on my face." A kiss under the bleachers. A secret kiss. "But we know this, we got a love that is homeless." For a secret love.

You took another deep breath. The chorus part was the difficult part but you enjoyed it. "Why can't you hold me in the street? Why can't I kiss you on the dance floor?" You clutched your arms. "I wish that it could like that. Why can't we be like that?"

Luciò saw Jack. He beckons him to approach him. Jack did. He received a microphone from Luciò. Jack looked to Lució, puzzled then it clicked him.

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