A Night Ride

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//inhuman au? //ghost rider!76 x reader //also drawing above belong to their artist

Jack Morrison, a daredevil and a farm boy from Indiana had a secret. Only him and him only, knows it. Farm boy in the morning, daredevil junkie by night. He remembers his youthful days. What a time for him to be alive and well, to be human.

In Gibraltar, he was shuffling through the old files of the old members of Overwatch. Some had MIA - due to Talon and Reaper's doing - and some are alive. The agents who are alive are smart enough to make a secret identity. Changing their looks, staying away from Overwatch and try to join their dream job.

The last file was wedge between the drawers. Jack or, 76 grunted as he gently pried it away. The file successfully came out and he can now read it. It was the file of his favourite girl, (Name). His eyes soften at the sight of your profile picture.

The memories flooded back. From how you guys meet, the first time your eyes met, the time when the first kiss was initiate. So many wonderful memories appeared by. It make Jack to smile as he was reminiscing them.

There was one he loved. The time he showed his true self, his secret. He was a Ghost Rider. He didn't tell anyone, not Reyes nor his family. He told you. The one he loved and trusted.

- ~ -

You found Jack, fixing an old motorcycle of his. The old dog, he called, was an old Yamaha Stryker. The model was from the year 2016, which his grandparents own. Or was it a hand down. You never know.

You softly knocked the door that was open ajar, signaling your presence. "Jack?" You spoke out. "Can I come in?"

Jack's head popped up. His face was smeared with oil and you couldn't help but hide a laugh that was bubbling. He was so confused, he wiped his face. Jack had make it worse. Now the oil smudge has become an oil line. "What?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Hold on," You got out and return after a few minutes with a cloth that was drench with lukewarm water. You went towards him and kneeled down. Right to where Jack sat. Jack was still when you clean his face. The smudge on his face were cleared but the cloth has been stained by said smudge. "There you go..."

You gave Jack the cloth if he needs to clean his arms and hands. "Is there anything you need?" He wait for your reply. You stood up and lean against the wall, arms are crossed.

"This may sound ridiculous," You heard Jack chuckled and muttered, "I've seen ridiculous things..."

"Can we go on a night ride?" You continued. Jack went silent. He knows what you want. He knows that you wanted to see the Rider. The other him. The flames and all. "See?" You accepted his silence. "Told you it was ridiculous." And you respect it.

Jack got up from his position. He wiped away the oil from his hands as he make his towards you. "...yes," He whispered.

You were looking at your feet. The converse shoes were much more interesting than the topic you've said but, a certain shoes went closer to you. Which made you to look up and to see that Jack has trapped you. "I said yes." Jack repeated.

Your eyes widen with joy and shock. "A-are you sure?" You raised your hand, to hold his cheek. In response, Jack nuzzled onto your hand. Jack's hands went from the wall to your sides. "I promise." He leaned forward and playfully give you a short kiss before leaning away.

Jack went back to his bike. "We leave after dinner." He took out a sparkplug and replace it with a new one. "I'll fetch you, just like the old days."

Your face were still blushing. Once you cooled down, you slowly peeled away from the wall and went to the exit of the garage. "Just like old days..." You remembered when Jack return from missions. He always fetch you from your home to a ride.

[ That evening, brought to you by Peanut Butter ]

The sound of the engine alerted you. You and Jack had a take away dinner. The both of you were eating dinner at a local park. You were sipping ice lemon tea while waiting for Jack and he has summoned.

"Are you ready?" The voice of Jack were replaced with much more. You turn around and saw the Rider. Jack still wore the mask but due to the Rider appearance, you could see the flames, seeping from the mask.

The fear in your brain are screaming no. Everything in your mind are screaming no. With a deep breath, you ignored it and nodded your head.

Jack offered you a helmet. You thanked him and put it on. It still fit and it was still comfortable as ever. You sat behind him and hugged his waist as you lay your head onto his back.

"Buckle up," He said as the bike did a wheelie before speeding off throughout the night.

The bike may leave a trail of fire behind. Jack secret might be known. Reaper and Talon will find him. Don't forget, yourself. Everything that Jack tonight, might risk everything he loved but he's already dead after making a contract. There's no point of killing the dead.

Jack may have a different appearance but you still loved him. The outer self of him is what the public sees. The inner self, is for you and you only.

The night sky was clear. You can see the stars, glistening by. The arms are hugging his waist. He was warm and stiff. As always but the ride was a pleasant ride.

The ride was long and peaceful. Just like his soul. The Rider may be in control but Jack knows what he is doing. He don't want to hurt you, he cared for you.

"Thank you..." You say. You know that he can't hear you due to engines of the bike. You tighten your grip.

Once it was over, Jack reverts to his normal self. You were brushing your hair with your fingers. Jack took off his mask as he sneak up behind you.

You jolted when Jack kiss your neck. "I miss you." You turn around, to face him before returning the favour.

"I miss you too," You leaned back, smiling softly.

You miss days like these. A day for you and Jack to spend precious time of your lives.

- -
aye! I'm not dead!

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