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"(Name), have you seen my jacket?" Jack inquired as he step out from the bathroom. I just add the finishing touches to my wing, the eyeliner.

"Its on the..." I jerked my thumb at the clothing. I turn around to see how he look like and when I did, his cosplay was on point. The scar, the hair. The black shirt was tight and I could see the muscles behind the fabric. "...bed.."

"Thanks," He leaned down to give me a short kiss onto my forehead. God, even his shoulder blades could be seen.

As for me, I was the female version of it. Instead of long pants, I used black shorts and a ponytail wig. Both of our mask are lying on the table, waiting for us. The same goes to our pulse rifle.

Once our purse and wallet are in the hidden pocket of our jacket, we gave each other another kiss before putting on the visor.

"Ready, 76?" I could feel his smirk underneath his visor, the visor then light up.

"Ready, 76." He walked to the door and open it, just like a gentleman even in cosplay. I gave him a nod as I walk past him.

• • •

In the convention, a few people had asked us to take have a photo with them or just us. We met a few Overwatch cosers and did a group photoshoot. I hang out with the girls while Jack hang out with the guys. There was a Reaper whom did a short video with Jack, then an Ana cosplayer joined in to 'pull' their ears. The Reinhardt cosplayer was nice. He gave everyone, including the photographers, a few candy.

There's some photoshoot with Marvel and DC cosplayers too. Then Halo, Destiny, Assassin's Creed. The list could go on but at least we had fun.

Jack went to his booth for the signature time slot. You see, he was a popular Cosplayer from Indiana. He started when he was a teen then, it went uphill as he learn how to sew, create armour from foam, learn how to wire hot wire electrical cables. His first debut was Master Chief. The armour followed the Halo 3 version. He continued his hobby till his university years, when he tried to do Soldier: 76.

It became a hit when he posted it in twitter. Soon, he was invited to different conventions around the world, making friends with other cosplayers, meeting his fans and be a judge in a competition.

As for me, I met him when he was a second year. I was sketching the library, trying to get the perspective right. He sat next to me, reading a history book about Alexander Hamilton. I could tell that he was sneaking a few looks from his book as I continue to sketch. He keep seeing me from my position at the library, sketching as always until he made a move.

By having a short conversation with me. It went s'well. Then I met his friends who tried to be matchmakers. Half percent they failed, but the other, they succeed. Jack asked me out when we were studying for finals and after the first date, comes the second date, the third and I lost count after he initiated the kiss.

As for his cosplay, he confessed about it. I didn't scoff nor laugh at him. I accepted it as I told him my hobby. Jack gave me a few tips here and there. We did a few shoots and his fans went wild about the news. And I got invited as his plus one whenever he got invited. Our normal life was balanced, we still went out for dates and spending our time, studying. We may be cosplayers but we're still students.

• • •

Jack trudged his figure towards me. I was sitting at the restaurant, in my usual clothes. He was out from his outfit and makeup to his usual self; a black top with a camouflage flannel, jeans and his converse. There was a few hidden white strips on his blonde hair.

"You good?" I sipped the coke float from the straw.

Jack nod his head. "Yeah."

The waiter approached our table and took Jack's orders. He took note of every word that Jack said and left to leave us be.

"Don't worry, Jack." I pat his hand. "You can have a good night rest after having a good meal." His flipped his hand to grab my hand and held it. His fingers curled around my fingers.

His eyes soften at the sight of the food when the waiter placed it down onto our table. We dig in and the food taste great. Heck, we had dessert.

After we payed, Jack and I spend the rest of night cuddling with each other. His head was under my chin, arms wrapped around my waist as we snuggled from the blanket. My left arm are hanging loosely around his shoulder and the other are holding the remote.

Staying at a hotel room was great, the tv was nearby and we could watch any shows we want. Speaking of show, we were watching Sleepy Hollow Season 3, the second episode.

Jack was content. His let out a low hum when I combed his hair.

"I need this."

I placed a kiss onto his hair. "Me too, Jack. Me too..."

- -
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