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Soldier 76 aka Jack came back from a mission he had at Dorado. His outfit was torn and his sides hurt from protecting the little girl.

He found you sitting at the couch, reading a good book titled, 'The Hunger Games'. You had told him what it is about and have watched the movie with you. All 4 of them. All catch-up and Jack, he understands it. He understand Katniss, Peeta, Prim and everyone in the story. The movie was beautiful to him, except the only thing beautiful in his sights are you.

You heard the door opened and saw the ouline of John 'Jack' Morrison. He placed his rifle somewhere at the living room before taking out his jacket. You heard him hissing in pain and decided to help him. So you put the book down to help your man.

Jack was in pain. Every parts of his body needed to heal. "Hey there." You greeted him while taking his jacket. Jack took his mask off just to place a sweet kiss upon your lips.

"Hey," He greeted back. Jack clutched his sides as he walk towards the couch. Seeing Jack in this condition, you help him out. He may have gain a few bruise and injuries but not like this. You don't want to ask him about the injuries. You just want to cuddle with him.

Jack finally reach his objective; the couch. He landed safely onto the couch, you followed him and sat next to him. "Rough day, huh?" You asked.

"Yeah..." Jack slung his arm around your shoulders, pulling you close to him. You comply by resting your head to his chest. You hugged your knees to properly cuddle with Jack.

Jack turn on the tv, letting the sound drown in the background as his gaze softened at the looks of you. He was pleased that you were safe and sound whenever he went out to do his mission. He may changed to the man he is now but for you, he didn't. He was still the Jack Morrison you knew before everything went down.

No need for words, Jack was enjoying the company of you, right next to his side. He lets you and you alone to hug him, give him kisses and most importantly, cuddling him. Jack may look like a gruff person from the outside but in the inside, he has his Farmboy nature.

Jack gently carried you to sit on top of his lap. He doesn't want to stand up and walk to the bathroom. He just want to be with you.

As Jack carried you, you guided him. Seeing those injuries, you have to be careful about them. One wrong move would make him hiss in pain. You carefully and gently sat on his lap while his arms wrapped around your waist. His chest was touching your back. You felt comfortable with it.

It was just another day, you and Jack. Cuddling when Jack came back from a tiring mission. No need for noise and words. Just plain silence and some cuddle would do.

"Rest, Jack." You speak up. "You'll need it."

"Yes, ma'am."

- -
is this fluff

why short? idk man

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