Merry Christmas

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"What are you doing?" You looked up from your couch. Eyeing Jack as he was busy, in the kitchen.

You were watching a movie called, 'Home Alone'. It's great classic of the past, you heard about it and now, you had this golden opportunity to watch it.

"Nothing," Jack waved you off. Your suspicions raised for a few bars, if that what he wished, you will get to the bottom of it.

"Don't lie to me, Morrison." You sat back into your position, laying down on the couch. Practically taking over the furniture as your own.

You can hear him chuckled. "Am not," The sounds of plates, tickling by. What is he doing?

Best not to ask because 'tis the season of Christmas. You continued to watch the movie till the 3rd one. It was a few hours when Jack appeared.

When he appeared, you were fast asleep, Jack couldn't help but to kiss your forehead. "Merry Christmas, (Name)."

You hummed in your sleep. With his strength, he carried you with ease to the shared bedroom. You were already in your sleepwear so that won't be a problem. Jack covered your body with the blanket before proceeding to change his outfit.

Soon, he joined you. He carefully wrapped one of his arms around your waist and the other, to held the back of your head. To keep you close by.

"Merry Christmas, Jack." You spoke with whispers. He caught off guard by your sudden action. You let him be and snuggled further to his chest, letting his body temperature to warm you up from the winter season.

The snow danced in the sky, Christmas has arrived and it was a pleasant night to be with the one you loved.

- -
home alone 1 to the third movie is a long movie marathon, trust me. I've been there.

except the presence of 76 to carry me to bed

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