A Steady Blade  by TheSpiritWalker
A Steady Blade by Sombra
[Reader/Overwatch] The matter of life and death depends on them. The girl, who is mattered between clan to clan. What makes her so special? With no recollection of her p...
  • romance
  • action
  • genjishimada
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In the Midst of Two Dragons 〈Hanzo x Reader x Genji〉 by MeiSanniang
In the Midst of Two Dragons 〈Hanzo...by Mei
[Complete] Spurred by your philanthropic childhood dream, you joined Overwatch to put your medical knowledge to good use. Two things , one - you didn't expect having sed...
  • shimada
  • romance
  • pov
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Grim (Reaper x Reader) by AVeryGoodPerson
Grim (Reaper x Reader)by AVeryGoodPerson
First off... I DO NOT HAVE A THING FOR REAPER, I am not a fan girl. I just saw how poor old edgy Reaper, doesn't get much love. Again, just cuz he's my favorite characte...
  • games
  • reaper
  • readerxcharacter
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Bad Name (McCree X Reader) by Hetalian4Evr
Bad Name (McCree X Reader)by A Menacing Fly
You're Ireland's deadliest hired assassin. After years of running from the government, you decide to take a little vacation out of the country. While you're away, you me...
  • overwatch
  • jessemccree
  • fanfiction
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Bloodrush〈76 x Reader x Reaper〉 by MeiSanniang
Bloodrush〈76 x Reader x Reaper〉by Mei
After being frozen in cryogenic sleep for over a decade, you finally returned to the waking world. Sadly, things were no longer the same. Gabriel Reyes, the love of yo...
  • soldier76xreader
  • soldier76
  • reaper
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Neglected and abused child ( Doomfist reader x RWBY ) by Ironprime100
Neglected and abused child ( Doomf...by Ironprime100
a kid I abused and neglected by his family and runs away then his limbs get torn up bad and is forced to get cybernetics and a giant permanent gold gauntlet
  • wattys2018
  • doomfist
  • abusing
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Overwatch x Child Reader by snitch
Overwatch x Child Readerby blueberry
Just some cute one shots with Overwatch characters and child you. Most of the chapters are for female readers, but I will now include some one shots with male readers! E...
  • hanzo
  • widowmaker
  • sombra
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Fiery Flakes  *(MEIHEM SHIP/ Junkmei)* by Crawloffame
Fiery Flakes *(MEIHEM SHIP/ Junkm...by Crawloffame
Meihem story for all those overwatch shippers who love this pairing as much as I do! I'm rootin' for it! It's a great day for MEIhem!
  • junkratxmei
  • blizzardgames
  • fanfiction
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SAUCY TALES 〈Overwatch Oneshots〉 by MeiSanniang
SAUCY TALES 〈Overwatch Oneshots〉by Mei
Overwatch // (Various Male Characters x Female Reader Insert) Warning: extremely graphic sexual content. For mature audiences only.
  • soldier76
  • reinhardt
  • oneshot
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Widowmaker x Male Reader x Tracer Lemon Overwatch by Xtra_Plot
Widowmaker x Male Reader x Tracer...by Xtra_Plot
Overwatch lemon fan fiction about tracer you and widowmaker
  • ow
  • widowmaker
  • lemon
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Cold Blooded Love (Gabriel Reyes x Reader)[EDITING] by hayley419
Cold Blooded Love (Gabriel Reyes x...by Scribbit
It's always been your dream to become an Overwatch agent. The day you were accepted you couldn't believe it was real but, everything wasn't exactly how you expected it...
  • gabrielreyes
  • reaper
  • jamisonfawkes
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Overwatch x Reader by PurpleCherryBanana
Overwatch x Readerby CherryHanaSummers
Yet another Overwatch x Reader collection of Oneshots, Drabbles, Prompts and similar things. Because what's one more of these. Hope you guys like and don't be afraid to...
  • prompts
  • reader
  • drabble
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"Trainee" (Soldier:76 x FEMALE reader) by KimiDTK
"Trainee" (Soldier:76 x FEMALE rea...by KimiDTK
Note: I've played overwatch and I have seen most of the origin stories and shorts, however, don't expect smut this is all mostly just fluff mostly because he is basicall...
  • overwatchblizzard
  • soldier76xreader
  • fanfic
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Cherchez La Femme (Overwatch Widowmaker x Male Reader) by JerbearSmiles
Cherchez La Femme (Overwatch Widow...by Jerry <3
As the main leader and best sniper for Overwatch, you are sent on a mission against Talon. During the mission, you end up meeting and finding out about the tragic backst...
  • fanfic
  • widowmaker
  • romance
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Stay With Me (Father!Genji x Daughter!Reader) by Cryanide
Stay With Me (Father!Genji x Daugh...by Cryanide
(Undergoing major editing) Your mother never talks about your father much. she said it was because they were both young and reckless, so when you came along your father...
  • genji
  • daughter
  • family
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RWBY X (Abused) Reader by hadesson5
RWBY X (Abused) Readerby Jackass
Cover temporary. Calvin Schnee, Brother of Weiss Schnee, was abused for years. His 'father' beat him, and broke his bones daily. His sister wasn't much better. though s...
  • rwby
  • wattys2018
  • noharem
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Overwatch Oneshots!  by GamerDudette189
Overwatch Oneshots! by GamerDudette189
Yeah its overwatch my new fandom! I guess I'll take requests!
  • overwatch
Overwatch oneshots  by V-chii
Overwatch oneshots by Rarepairs 4 Dayz
I am not a great writer. But I like overwatch. And other people like overwatch. So I'll try to make something thats entertaining.
  • imagines
  • oneshots
  • xreader
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Yandere Overwatch Boyfriend Scenarios by LittleKuriza
Yandere Overwatch Boyfriend Scenar...by 🌸KITTEN IN HEAT🌸
Overwatch males meet the reader, (Y/n) and fell in love with her... should I say more than love?
  • overwatch
  • overwatchxreader
  • loverivals
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Overwatch X Reader (Oneshots) by RubDatKat
Overwatch X Reader (Oneshots)by Oh Man
I can only do this if I get some requests from you lovely lot. so. help me. I'll do smut, lemon, fluff...etc. I'm basically desperate to write anything. I'll even atte...
  • overwatchoneshots
  • mccree
  • mchanzo
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