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"Jack, stop going through explosions." I scolded him. "Do you know how hard to scrub dirt off your clothes?"

I didn't hear any reply from him so I just give him the silent treatment. "Fine, be that way.." I mumbled.

I went to the sink, add some clothes detergent to scrub off the dirt on his jacket. Seriously, I get it that he is trying his best to protect the world but can he be kind to his own clothes. You rant inside your mind and thoughts. Still, it scares me. What if one day he won't come back? What if he went on a long mission and one of his teammates came to our place and inform me? What if-

Arms appeared behind and hugged your form. "Stop worrying about me." Jack's voice brought you back to reality. "As long you are here, I will always live on."

"Jack..." You stop scrubing the dirt off. "I..." You turn your head to look at him. Jack, in return lean down and capture your lips. He released them but his arms are still around your waist.

"Let me do the laundry. It's the least I could do for taking care of me." Jack placed his chin at one of your shoulders. "You could rest..."

You sighed, agreeing with his idea. "Okay, I'll be in the living room, watching the tv."

Maybe I could get used to this.

"Oh, you do your clothes while I do mine."

Or not.

- -
Forgive me. Im stressed from assigments from my uni and I need to take a break for a few days.

Finals is coming. oh no...

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