Good Husband Material

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//i saw book with that title and i want to follow the meme; Boyfriend material meme. Office AU

You typed in the last word for the day. You stretched your arms to release the cramps of your arms. Sitting for half of the day was tiring. Sometimes you would walk around, have a decent conversation with your co-workers aka best friends.

And now its lunch time. Where all of you would go out and enjoy food and relax at the same time.

As you pack your stuff for the lunch, Jack Morrison walked past by. He didn't give you a look nor a glance. Everyone around your radar stop whatever they were doing to surround you.

"Boss just pass by you!" Lena chirped excitedly. She was jumping around until Lucio ask her to cool down.

"Did he say anything?" Angela asked, intrigued with Lena's words.

Zarya sighed. "Leave her alone. What she needs is some nutrition." She signaled the girls to go for lunch. And so they did.

You took a glance over your shoulder, just to see Jack. You quietly laugh when the boys surround him just like how the girls surround you. Jack saw you and gave you a quick smile. The boys didn't notice it. Except for Lucio. Wait, he was surrounding you just like how the girls. How did he? Oh, nevermind.

Here's some information; you and Jack are currently dating. How you might ask? Well it all started with a simple bet between the boys and girls.

You and Jack gone way back. Not so back. You first met him in college. It was just a normal day at class, chatting happliy with your best friends. It was just the day you liked. Rain.

As the lecturer entered the classroom, someone was following behind him. The lecturer introduce him. He had blond hair and sky blue eyes. His name was Jack Morrison. He wore a jacket, it was black, white, blue and red with a black plain shirt and jeans. Don't forget the shoes, he wore a black converse. Jack walk to his designated seat - which was behind you - after introducing himself to the class.

He walked past by you and you swear, swear with your heart and soul that you saw him taking a glance of you. The back of his jacket said,'76'.

So you get the gist, girl meet guy in college, guy fall in love with girl and get the girl. Right? Well, not in here. You are the different kind of girl. You don't believe in love at first sight, fairy tales, Prince Charming and all that sappy stuff. You like Mecha, games, guns, horror, anime, manga and so much more.

Anyways, thats how you met Jack. Who make the first move? You. You asked Jack if he could help you carrying the workload of assigments to the lecturer's place. Being the Gentleman he is, he accepted it. On the way, the both of you chat like you were talking to your best friends. Jack was an interesting person. He had earn a popularity amongst the girls but he didn't date them.

It is because he had his sights on you. Your personality, interest, hobbies were different than the other girls. Gabriel Reyes asked him to confess but Jack declined. He had second thoughts about it. He thought he will be in the Friendzone than going to the next level of friendship, a love interest.

Days passed, weeks passed, months passed, you finally graduated from the college. Sad truth, Jack didn't confess his feelings to you. Good truth, you were still single and free like a bird. From what Reyes told him, you had shot down the boys who confessed and you had told them that you liked someone. That makes him happy and sad at the same time.

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