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I got you in my sights by CosmicLeopard
I got you in my sightsby Clara Lawrez💫
Is it wrong to love an old soldier? Soldier 76 x Reader Scenarios
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Overwatch One shots  by Strawberry_Kurosaki
Overwatch One shots by Nef Chan
Basically a bunch of overwatch one shots for character x reader basically. Requests are very much appriciated. If you request, specify the gender please! - Nef chan *Dis...
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I'm Your Daddy (Soldier 76 x Reader) by maddywillow15
I'm Your Daddy (Soldier 76 x 𝕸𝖆𝖉𝖉𝖞 𝖂𝖎𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜
Here we go again! Highly requested Soldier 76 x Reader fanfiction! This book is for female readers. Let me know if anyone wants me to make another version of the book fo...
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Ꭵ Ꮐot Ꮯhu Ꭵn Μy Ꭶight by bliztbika
Ꭵ Ꮐot Ꮯhu Ꭵn Μy Ꭶightby Bika
I think Papa Jack- I mean, Soldier: 76 need some love too. ~ Imagines, AU, Fluff, etc ~
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He's Got You in His Sights [Soldier 76 x reader] by AnimeArtist77
He's Got You in His Sights [ AnimeArtist77
A soldier 76 x reader fanfiction
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Gabriel Reyes x Reader x Jack Morrison - This Is War by Fanfictionale
Gabriel Reyes x Reader x Jack Fanfictionale
This a rewritten piece of my original fanfic This Is War. You the reader, have been training in Blackwatch for quite some time now and are keen to get involved in the a...
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Im Dangerous [Soldier76 x Reader] by YoshuaRed
Im Dangerous [Soldier76 x Reader]by YoshuaRed
You are cursed by a person who killed your mother before the omnic crisis, that makes you can spawn any close range weapon on your right arm. People were scared of you...
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Overwatch x Reader Drabbles by Cryolophosaurus
Overwatch x Reader Drabblesby Alpha
THESE WILL BE OVERWATCH X FEM!READER I'll be looping these 10 male characters over and over. (Edit: Adding Doomfist!!) -Genji -McCree -Reaper -Soldier: 76 -Hanzo -Jun...
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Overwatch One-Shots and Imagines by Writers-Blogck
Overwatch One-Shots and Imaginesby Lyssa
Random One-shots that I want to write about the characters from the game, Overwatch. ♡ Tracer ♡ Widowmaker ♡ Junkrat ♡ Soldier 76 ♡ Sombra ♡ McCree ♡ Genji ♡ Hanzo
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Overwatch Imagines by twix_pandemos
Overwatch Imaginesby amateur critic, even more so...
Here's some imagines that I wrote for those who are as obsessed with Overwatch as I am. I have really no rules or restrictions so request away!~ ~*Requests are open! Com...
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Jack Morrison X Reader-"Don't touch me." by KaynariiWrites
Jack Morrison X Reader-"Don't KaynariiWrites
I randomly thought of this. I just love writing angsty things. If you even want to call this angst. Hope you enjoy. :3
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  • soldier76xreader
Jack X Reader-"This isn't goodbye." by KaynariiWrites
Jack X Reader-"This isn't goodbye."by KaynariiWrites
I don't even know how to describe this fanfiction. All I can say about it is that it is sort of sad. Maybe a lot? *cover photo isn't mine*
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I'm in Your Sights by Capn_RaccoonPaws
I'm in Your Sightsby An Antisocial Nerd
Name: (Y/N) (L/N) Hero Analysis: Spade Age: 35 Hero type: Damage After coming back from a month long mission, (Y/N) is more than to be happy back the Overwatch HQ with h...
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I'm here (a soldier76 fanfiction) by faithful-fangirl
I'm here (a soldier76 fanfiction)by faithful-fangirl
You find yourself losing everything you've ever known in one day and buried in the ruins of your house that got destroyed by a terrorist attack. What will happen when th...
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Overwatch Oneshots!!! yay by MaxieAndCyrusOwO
Overwatch Oneshots!!! yayby Lynn Moxśkla Zbszka
Pretty much the title. I'll get the cover soon I guess idk.
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A Bullet to the Heart (Overwatch x Reader) by DatStrider
A Bullet to the Heart (Overwatch Give Into The Chaos~!
You have no clue what you just got yourself into... (This is in the making)
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Thistles & Weeds by Catat0nic
Thistles & Weedsby Catatonic
ReaderxVarious Oneshot Sammlung || Als Overwatch Agentin hat man es nicht leicht und ein wenig Zweisamkeit ist ja bekanntlich Balsam für die Seele.
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Soldier 76 X Reader by GeekyDemonBat
Soldier 76 X Readerby GeekyDemonBat
Reader x Soldier 76 ((Slow updates...and this is my first fanfiction so apologies if it is poop DX))
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  • soldier76xreader
Overwatch x Reader Oneshots by CamFam101
Overwatch x Reader Oneshotsby CamFam101
Exactly what the title says ! I am taking requests, most views will be feminine but, there will male x male or male main points. also there will be fem x fem too. overw...
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