I Am Here for You

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"Dad! Dad!" The child cried at him, they were tugging on his blanket. The child was holding to a stuff toy that Genji made for them. A stuffy that symbolised Soldier. A blue teddy bear with the same visor as him.

Soldier immediately got up and his mind went into overdrive, who was attacking the base, did anyone got hurt but his features softened when he saw the child he rescued from Talon was sniffling. He got up from the bed and kneeled down in front of them.

"What's up, kid?" He lift a finger to wipe the tears away.

"I... I h-had a... a nightmare..." They confessed. They went to him and wrapped their small arms around his neck. "I'm... s-scared..."

Soldier felt the inner instinct kick in as he place his hand on their back, giving gentle back rub while the other, place underneath their knees as he stood up and sat on his bed.

"Don't worry, I'm here." He soothed them. He let out a hum, a hum that his mother gave him when he was small. He still remembers it.

The child slowly and gently stop sniffling. They leaned back and let out a yawn. Soldier couldn't help it but to be amaze on how a child could make him be like this.

He can imagine Hana, popping her head from the window and shouted, "Dad of the Year."

"Hey Dad..." The child rubbed their eyes, the humming and the sandman magic has worked its way. "Can I stay with you?"

Soldier nod his head. "Yeah, I'll protect you from the monsters." He then, ever so gently plopped the child next to him, lying on his bed. The child's back was facing the wall while Soldier was facing the child, giving it as a shield from any oncoming threats.

"Thank... you..." The child had trailed off. Signalling that sleep was creeping up. Soldier covered the both of them with his blanket and closed his eyes.

• • •

You returned from a long scouting mission with Fareeha and Hana. It was a tiring one and you had no intentions to scream bloody murder to Winston. Poor thing must be busy after the whole Recall thing.

You said your farewell and good night to them as you went back to your room. Taking a look from your door, it was left ajar. Your child must have been waiting for you. You pry open the door to see if they are there but, they're not.

A thought flashed by. You went to Soldier's room and sneakily opened the door, what you say had made your heart go, "Awww..."

He had made a bond with them. Since he emits the Dad-like aura whenever he talks to them and treat them with care. Well, he is the Father to your Child. You don't want to break this moment so retreat yourself away from the scene and went back to your room.

Awaiting for tomorrow.

- -
why kids?
the reason why is that i want to tap to his soft self. The soft self that no one knows.
Only hidden doors knows.

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