Modern AU! Pregnant

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//need more Dad 76

"Jack, I'm fine." You reassured him. He was becoming more over-protective of you and the baby. The kids were thrilled to have another member in the family. They don't even ask the age old question: Where do babies come from?

"I don't think so." Jack was helping you to adjust the seat of the armchair. Mercy came by and helped you when Jack was babysitting the kids.

You sighed at your husband's antics. He has retired from a soldier of war to a dad. He had taken the Dad role very seriously and he respect it quite well. "I need to check on Hana, she might need my help." You changed the subject.

"Don't worry, Pharah and Tracer are with her. Her big sisters will help her." Jack reply.

What is going on? Well, you wanted to have a nap at the bed but your kids, had taken the bed. All snuggly and adorable, so you decided to have a nap at the couch and there's when your husband walked in.

He became from a quiet man to a worrywort in an instance. He bombared you with questions. Some days, Genji and Hanzo came by and the kids loved playing with them. They are freely to join Team Genji or Team Hanzo.

"Jack, I told you." You swatted his hands away. "I'm fine. I just want to have a nap."

"Affirmative," You happily sighed that Jack will leave you alone. "Then I will nap with you." Or not.

Jack sat on the couch, gently pulling you to seat next to him. "I will do my duty to protect the baby at all cost." He wrapped an arm around my waist while the hand rubbed my belly.

My breath was caught in the moment. How could I not see this? In response, I leaned next to him, enjoying the heat and his comfort. "Then you are doing a wonderful job."

Jack snorted. "I am an army of one."

"But not kids of one." I laughed. I leaned back and try to sleep.

Before embracing sleep, Jack said,"Sweet dreams, (Name)."

TimeSkip by Soldier: 76's Ultimate

I had a wonderful sleep. It was the greatest nap I have ever had. I slowly and gently got up from my bed. Wait, bed? Jack was sleeping next to me, even the children are here.

I looked at the window. It was night time. I heard shuffling from my side and saw Jack, got up while being gentle with the children around him.

"What happen?" He whispered. "Hold on, did your water broke?!" Here comes Soldier 76; Dad Ultimate has been activated.

"Jack!" You silenced him with a kiss. "I'm fine. I just woke up, no need for all that. Plus, it's been five months."

"Alright," Jack nodded his head, feeling flustered from your kiss. "Let's just... head back to sleep..."

You silently hummed back before leaning with Jack, letting sleep coming back.

- -
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