33. Walker Brothers, Zach, Jake, Matt & The Crew

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33. Walker Brothers, Zach, Jake, Matt & The Crew

Living with the walker brothers, Here to win, One of the boys, Monroe Academy for Arts, Learning to dance in rain, Along for the ride by knightsrachel

Overview: http://wattpad.com/knightsrachel

Tie up those cleats,
Pull on those gloves,
Strap up your helmet,
And play the game for love.

Feel the rush,
Hear the crowd,
Chant your name,
Stand up,
Be proud.

Make the tackle,
Get the sack,
Put some fear,
In the Quarterback.

Do your job,
Do what you do,
And never forget,
Your brothers are behind you.

Win with class,
Lose with more,
Bust your ass,
Forget the score.

Let a tear roll down,
A chest held out,
Don't you dare frown,
Or start to pout.

Play them hard,
Play them fast,
And pray to God,
It's not your last.

Fight them hard,
Tooth and nail,
Be the star,
Refuse to fail.

1. Can you tell us something about your life?

-I'm a Freshman in College

2. From where did you get the idea about Living with the Walker Brothers?

-At the time it was a very popular book topic to write about here on Wattpad, and I wanted to give it a shot.

3. Tell us more about the Mason Walker?

-What more is there to tell? Well, his birthday just passed a couple of days ago, so he's another year older. But other than that, he's poured out into Living With the Walker Boys and Here to Win.
There isn't a single detail more I have to give.

4. So do you know any real life 'The Crew' or is it just imagination?

-They were all just imagination. I took the 5 stereotypes of today's society and combined them into one group and then gave them a name.

5. Who is your inspiration for writing?

-Lurlene McDaniel. She inspired me to start writing, and one day I want to have my books selling out on the shelves like she does.

6. Best chapter of OOTB, according to you?

-The chapter I ALWAYS go back to read is Chapters 31-32, when Brennan's life is on the line. I think those are the most emotional chapters, and it really brings out sides to both of them that we haven't seen.

7. If Jake Anderson had to give tips on love. What would he say?

-First he'd probably laugh and look around to make sure you're talking to him. Then he'd tell you the best way to a girl's heart is probably to be the best in bed.

8. So this is a rapid fire round, you have to answer five questions, quickly. Do not think!

A. Favourite Wattpad Author: I honestly don't have a favorite D: Fail number one. I love lots of Wattpad authors.

B. Cupcakes:Red velvet with buttercream frosting

C. Your love: Soccer

D. Matt Gardiner: I wish he was my older brother...

E. Bad boys v/s sweet guys: Sweet guys

9. Who is your favourite male hottie from your books?

-That is such a good question, but I'll probably have to go with Shane Dawson.

10. One thing I have noticed about you books are that they are realistic. I mean the characters don't always live happily ever after and you show the truth. You are not afraid to show that a person is sick or dead. That's real writing. Any thoughts?

-I don't necessarily believe in "happily ever after", so I don't write like that. I mean, yes in some of my books the girl gets the guy (or vice versa) and everything ends sweetly. But I'm not afraid to write a shocking twist because I want my books to be as realistic as possible, and these things happen in real life. Not everybody gets a Disney ending.

11. So what book will you write after completing Along for the Ride & Learning to dance in Rain?

-I'm working on a couple outside of Wattpad, so it's a toss-up to see which one I will post. I mean, to be honest, Along For the Ride was definitely not supposed to be posted yet. It was relatively new and I didn't quite have the plot base for it. But I loved it so much I wanted to share it. So there's no telling which book I'll randomly decide to post next :P

Thanks a lot @knightsrachel for this remarkable interview :) Link of AFTR is on the external link.

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