15. Dylan, Caine, Liam, Blaine and Aaron by XxdemolitionloverxX

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15. Dylan, Caine, Liam, Blaine and Aaron

In Between two Alphas, The Alpha meets the Rogue, The Alpha meets his Match, Caine. Billion Reason Why, True Love by  XxdemolitionloverxX

Overview: http://wattpad.com/xXdemolitionloverXx

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Taming Alphas

Ever since I met her she captivated me
I'd seen this one before, but fiery is she
Her flaming tresses fall to her side
And I love the way she tries to hide
'Neath them and escape her mate
But she smiles, only wants to make me wait
So I attack her side and make her laugh
Grin and pin her then voice my path
Make her weak and tame this beast
Vulnerable, this alpha ceased
To fight this cunning beta...
An alpha tamed by a beta?
She'll shake within his grasp
Aware of his power, and she'd gasp
But there's no way i'd let her go
I call her bluff and let her know
She's mine... I am the alpha now.


1. Tell me something which nobody knows about you?

I can be insecure at times, especially with my writing. Wattpad has helped with that, but it still pops up once in a while, when I’m feeling down.

2. What trait of Dylan or Caine can you most relate to?

I am very protective of the people I love. Seriously. When anybody hurts anybody that I care about, my claws come out.

3. Which book did you most enjoy writing and why?

This is a complicated question. I think I might go with Heavenly Poison on this one. I don’t know if it was the one I enjoyed writing the most, but for sure it was the easiest to write. Heavenly Poison felt like a side project, my fun story…. if that makes any sense.

4. Tell me more about Aaron and Blaine, your two non-werewolf characters?

Hmm… there is soooo much to say about both Aaron and Blaine. For one, both of them went through several changes before I decided to make them what they ended up being. I love both of them. At one point, I feel like my love for Wolves starts popping out, and I give a little bit of that to Aaron and Blaine. Aaron is usually a sweet heart. But Blaine has a lot of Werewolf traits. That’s mainly because I kind of love dominant guys. Something about them, I find it sexy. Aaron at times in True Love showed it, but he was calmer than any of my other characters. For sure if I had to pick a story that was different than the rest, it would definitely be True Love. Even in Billion Reasons Why, there are power trips, dominant guys with Alpha attitudes, and a bit more action. 

6. What were the challenges you faced as you created Caine's complicated character?

What weren’t the challenges I faced? That would be the easier question. In all of my stories, I try to create simple writing. I myself hate reading something that takes me here and there and I end up confused. I try to write the story of Caine as simple as I can… because it is already intricate on its own.

Strangely enough, when I first started Caine, I was trying to decide whether to go Rated R or not. I definitely planned to make it more graphic: violence and s*x. But I toned it down after the unexpected happened. I honestly thought very few people were going to be interested in the premise of Caine… after I started the first chapter like I did. I was surprised with how many people read it… and now ask for it. It is safe to say that Caine right now, is my most popular story (without counting The Alpha Meets The Rogue, but that one’s already completed). I decided to keep it PG-13 to keep the fans happy, but I also made a few changes, which I ended up being happier with. Good thing?

Caine, the character, stayed the same. He was my main focus. Caine… (Charlotte has said this on the story herself) is in a category of his own. He is so different. While I can always get in the mind of Liam, Layton, Zev, Blake, Blaine, Aaron, Dylan… and the rest of my guys… Caine is different. I would like for my readers to see him different as well. I mean, I feel like he’s the type of guy that can kill someone because they hurt Charlotte. But then soften up in a second when Charlotte’s around. It’s… He’s still a character I’m trying to figure out myself:)

7. Is there a possibility of having a bonus chapter in Liam's point of view?

I wanted to do one, but some of you thought that would break the mystery. I sort of agree with that. There will be Liam POV’s in his story… which isn’t that far off. A couple of months maybe. I’m pushing myself to finish The Alpha Meets His Match quickly and possibly even Billion Reasons Why, because I really want to focus on Liam’s story when I’m writing it. I am really really excited about it. You have no idea:’)

8. What is your main goal in life?

I want to say getting published. It is probably what all writers aspire to. But… I don’t want to aim that high just yet. I am having fun where I am. I have actually thought about what I want to do with my writing and I think I’ve figured it out. Wattpad is like my home. It is definitely my home when it comes to writing. I never want to leave it. For now… I want to say that my main goal is to keep all of my fans happy so that they continue reading, voting, commenting, fanning, and supporting my work. After all, I really, truly would not have anything without them.

9. So this is a rapid fire round, you have to answer five questions, quickly. Do not think!

A. Danny Schwartz: Sexy Alpha!

B. Favourite Book on Wattpad: Cheat question!

C. Legens: Pure… my creation, pride and joy.

D. Superman or Batman: Superman baby!

E. One Preferred female protagonist from your books: Leila. She doesn’t get nearly enough credit.

10. You recently mentioned that you are going to be working on a new book, can you give a little teaser what it is about?

I am working on three books. Gah, there is so much to say about them. I can give a little teaser of each.

Liam’s story- A little about his life. Him finding love. The setting will be a little different. There will be a big surprise.

Roderick’s story- It will be similar to Caine, but it won’t follow the same storyline.

My Science Fiction story- It will be about the future… It will be Rated R. I am not holding back in that. Although it will be graphic… in every which way (violence, s*x, destruction), it’s a genre I’m really excited in entering. I did True Love… which was more romance and felt like Teen Fiction. I’m doing Billion Reasons Why… because I have a fetish for Billionaires;) Hahaha! That one feels like a Non-Teen Fiction/Adventure/Humor type of story. That was me wanting to expand a little from Werewolves. I haven’t been as successful when it comes to getting reads as my Werewolf stories, but it is a really good way to… expand my horizons? Lol, don’t know how to put it. Well, I feel like I’m going to go to the other side of the universe… literally, with this story. Oh… and there will also be slaves…. Yup. Haha!

Thanks a lot XxdemolitionloverxX for this stunning interview, i had so much fun doing this. Go Team sexy Alphas!!! Link of TAMTR is on the external link.


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