41. Ethan by Achu2911

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41. Ethan

In Honor of the Heart by @Achu2911

Overview: Isabelle's life is flawless. She has a perfect husband in Isaac and a gorgeous little baby. Then her past comes calling in the form of Ethan. Soon she is being torn in two directions and is afraid she will lose everything. Vows are easy to make, but Isabelle is learning how hard they are to live.

From My Heart  

A million stars up in the sky

one shines brighter I can't deny

A love so precious a love so true

a love that comes from me to you

The angels sing when you are near

within your arms I have nothing to fear

You always know just what to say 

just talking to you makes my day

I love you honey with all of my heart

together forever and never to part.

  By Mrs Creeves 


1. Can you tell us 5 things about you?

I am a die hard romantic.

I am Sagittarius. I do have many traits of that zodiac.

I am a mother of a teenage girl and a nine year old boy.

I am a spiritual person and try to meditate whenever possible.

I love red colour.

2. From where did you get the idea about In Honour of The Heart?

I had this plot in mind for a while.  Last December, I started to put it on paper and little by little, the chapters emerged. Once I began, Wattpad readers helped me to shape it up and take it in right

3. What drove you or determined you to write it?

I am writing from the point when I was in fourth grade. (I know Isound clichéd.)  At that moment, it was by and large poetry and shortstories. Few did get published. Then I was busy with study, marriageand kids. In between, I kept my passion alive at various stages of life. After discovering Wattpad, I thought of posting a story.

4. So who is your inspiration for writing?

I won’t be able to give a particular name because I am a typical bookworm. I am influenced by many but I am a huge fan of Sir Paulo Coelho and he is the great motivation. You will see his quotes in my
book at many places.

5. Your favorite quality about Isabelle and why?

Her capacity to love, trust and emerge on her own after her Isaac leaves her for another woman.

6. Best chapter of IHOTH, according to you?

There are many. The one, where Ethan emerges for the first time in the story (chapter 6). Then one more where he meets Isabelle after many years(chapter 16-17)  and no doubt, the last one when they meet again and be together forever.

7. If Ethan had to give tips on true love. What would he say? 

According to him, love would be to make sacrifice for the person you love. To protect the other individual at his own expense.

8. So this is a rapid fire round, you have to answer five questions, quickly. Do not think!

A. Favourite Wattpad Author: There are many but Sir Paulo Coelho, Mercy Rose, Davrielle and Katherine Arlene to name few.

B. Love: Is precious and for keeps.

C. Motherhood: joy, is for a lifetime.

D. Let's write: A tiny effort to help the beginners. Many people on Wattpad answered my queries and guided me in my journey .This book is a small token of love to this friendly community, a gesture to give back to those who supported me.

E. India: Vibrant, young, traditional, my proud and beloved country.

9. Who are your favorite Published Authors?

There are many but if I have to name a few, they will be Danielle Steel, Sandra Brown, Nicholas Sparks, John Grisham and Sir Paulo Coelho.

10. What are your writing plans after you complete writing Let's write?

I won’t lie. Each writer has a dream to bring out his/her book. I too believe the same. I would love to publish In honour of the heart. Right now, I am rewriting and editing it. Once done, I have few plots and I will post a new story.

Thank you so much for the amazing interview @Achu2911. She is a lovely person :) IHOTH is on the external link. Cheers!


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