18. Alec Blaze and Ryder Black by demonicblackcat

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18. Alec Blaze and Ryder Black

Maid for Hire and The Quirky tale of April Hale by demonicblackcat


Maid for Hire

What would you do if your new boss if your biggest enemy in school? Popular girl Andrea Robinson has a big secret: she's actually very poor and has to work her butt off to maintain her lifestyle. But when she finds out that she's working for Alec Blaze, the school's most despicable player who dumped her bestfriend 2 years ago, as his maid, her life is completely turned around. Alec finds absolute pleasure from annoying the hell out of her, and often she finds herself trying not to beat him up into a mush. But what is actually Alec hiding from everyone? Why he is such a different person at his house? Most importantly, why is it getting harder and harder to hate Alec freaking Blaze?

The Quirky Tale of April Hale (used to be The Bad Boy Lives in My Room)

Being neighbors with the notorious bad boy hasn’t been sunshine and rainbows for me, the geeky girl who's too weird to make friends. One. I know exactly all of his bad habits (including reading steamy harlequin novels) Two. I witness most of his love conquests (too many. Too many) Three. I get to hear everytime he fights with his family, which is a daily thing. (And it’s really quite the highlight of my day.) Good girl April Hale and bad boy Ryder Black have been living side by side for more than 10 years, and both never attempted to communicate with each other. But on the night Ryder Black is thrown out by his own father, he asks her a question that might change the life both of them: “March, will you let me stay in your room?” He even got her name wrong.  

You are my life 
You make me speechless 
You make me smile 
Your a thriller to be around 
You give me butterflies 
I want you to hold my hand when things get bad 
You never tell people to beat it 
You accept people for who they are wether their black or white 
Your another part of me 
I love you till the break of dawn 
When you cry I cry 
I can't help it 
Can you feel it too 
You want to change the world 
Were no longer in our childhood 
Lets come together as one 
You don't stop till you've had enough 
Your sometimes dangerous 
I don't want you to walk away 
They don't care about us 
Your my earth song 
You'll never be a ghost to me and sometimes I hope that you won't give in to my every wim 
Together well heal the world 
Heaven can wait for us 
You and me are human nature 
Well go down in History 
Your an invinceble man 
Well jam to the music 
Keep the faith in us 
You knock me off my feet 
Don't leave me alone 
I want to be your liberian girl 
and the lady in your life 
I never can say goodbye 
A day in your life to be mine 
This is it 
I love you

1. Can you tell us something about your non-virtual life ?

I'm a very artistic person. When I see movies, I see how they put the angle of the photography. When I see people, I see the symmetry of their faces. I can't never let go of my artistic side haha.

2. How did you get the idea of Maid for Hire?

I was reading this japanese comic called Kaicho Maid Sama, but then after a while, I got tired of it because it became so effing repetitive. So, yeah, I decided to make my own badass little girl and have her kick guys around because I don't want guys doing all the cool work for a change.

3. Tell me about Alec F*cking Blaze in your words?

He's collateral damage. I dated someone like him, and it didn't end well. But yeah, he's a Manic Pixie Dream Boy, and this type of guys always work on stories.

4. Ryder Black has the complete bad boy persona. Was it difficult writing about him?

Not really. One thing that people always forget that being a bad boy isn't just about banging girls and scaring people. Ryder has issues with his families, he has issues with authority, and he has issues with his temper, so that's why he start fights and become unsociable by choice.

5. Which trait resembles you with Andrea?

Haha, almost nothing. Oh wait. There's one. I'm kinda blunt in person.

6. How do you manage to write when you have a massive writer's block?

I have to will myself to sit down and write, even though the clock hits 5 AM in the morning.

7. If Alec had to give tips for managing girlfriends. What would he say?

Lol i love your question, it's so refreshing! Anyway, he'd be talking about how you really shouldn't let all the girls meet and all that shit.

(you did say girlfriendS - plural)

8. So this is a rapid fire round, you have to answer five questions, quickly. Do not think!

A. Rachel & Kurt: Frenemies.

B. Favourite musician: Of Monster and Men

C. Favourite romance story on Wattpad: LESSONS ON (F*CKING) LOVE

D. Song of your life:Hall of Fame

E. Fictional crush:Marcus Flutie

9. What are your plans after you complete your ongoing books?

Dear gods, I hope I'm able to publish them. I'm kind of a closet supernatural writer, and I'm aware that by not living in the west, my depictions of western high school might be off. Way off. That's why I plan to write my supernatural ideas and then try to sell them to publisher, and then a few years later see a movie made out of it. Sorry, kinda went out of control a lil bit.

Thanks a lot demonicbucket for this remarkable interview. The link of TBBLIMR is on the external link.

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