42. Kale Matthews by DroppedGem

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42. Kale Matthews 

The Baby Project by DroppedGem

Overview: Meet Aurora "Rory" West. She's clever, sarcastic, and pretty but still very average. Meet Kale Matthews: the cliché playboy. He has the money, the life, and a charming personality that no woman can deny. Well, except Rory. These two had little in common. In fact, the only thing they shared was their hate for one another. Little did they know that one day their whole lives will change due to one little thing: A baby.


I love you so deeply 
I love you so much
I love the sound of your voice 
And the way we used to touch 
I love your kind and thoughtful ways 
And the joy you bring to my life everyday 
I love you today as I have from the start 
I'll love you forever with all my heart.  

By Sander

1. Can you tell us 5 random things about you?

- My birthday is on March 20th! I'll be turning 16 this year.

- I'm in a lot of activities in and out of school which is why my updates are slow.

- I want to go to Kenya for a mission trip!

- I'm an Indian (from India, hehe) and I'm also a Muslim

- I hope to become some kind of doctor (Neurologist, Pediatrician, or Cardiologist)

2. From where did you get the idea of The Baby Project?

I didn't get it from any one thing specifically. By looking at movies and books, I tried to thing of something that hasn't been done before The Baby Project.

3. What do you think makes a male protagonist lovable?

Humor and the way he speaks to his siblings, mom, and even girlfriend

4. So who is your inspiration for writing?

Nobody really. Not to be really cheesy but God is the only one I owe credit to for my skills, success, and inspiration.

5. Your favourite quality about Kate and why?

His face because it's just asdfhasjdhgajsgk ^_^

6. Best chapter of TBP, according to you?

Day 21!

7. If Kale had to give tips on handling girlfriends, what would he say?

Just use awesome conditioner and shampoo. Even if you guys fight you can be like "Hey, smell my hair" and she'll be all chill afterwards.

 8. So this is a rapid fire round, you have to answer five questions, quickly. Do not think!

A. Favourite Musician: Everything! (I've been really enjoying 2chellos lately!

B. Thoughts on Wattpad: Love it!

C. A shout out to: My readers, friends, and family

D. Story behind your username? My friend made up the Jem part so that just stuck. I don't really know about the Dropped part though.

E. Favourite actor: Austin Butler and Tom Hiddleston!

9. Which are your favourite Wattpad books?

Saving Elliot and Project Fatsuit

10. If you were given a chance to be a character in any sitcom. Who would it be and why?



Thank you for this amazing interview @DroppedJem. Link of TBP is on the external link.


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