10. Luke by BRMyers

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10. Luke

Busgirl Blues by BRMyers

Overview: Sixteen year old Kelsey Sinclair wants to make this summer unforgettable by (hopefully) seducing her secret crush, Blaine Mulder, but a hidden phobia and dare devil dishwashing guy with a smoldering stare are about to mess up her perfectly laid out plans.


 Blue Haired Boy

Blue haired boy
I adore you
think your swell
but you don't like me
you play bass guitar
and like SNL 
but not me
oh no not me
i love how cool you fingers are
how you play drums on your knee
my blue haired boy
how i wish you'd like me
your blue hair is fading 
but this is just fine
i wouldn't mind if you were
my dirty blonde semi gray haired boy
even though it doesnt rhythm.

1. How did you stumble across Wattpad?

I heard Margaret Atwood discussing it on CBC radio with Sheila Rodgers. The fact anyone in the WORLD could read one of my stories on their phone resonated with me.

2. How did the idea of Busgirl Blues come to your mind?

It's loosely based on my own summer job experiences in my home town of Chester, Nova Scotia...except the romantic stuff (unfortunately).

3. What is the mystery behind Luke's Blue hair?

Ah, Luke's blue hair. If I told you the real reason then the mystery wouldn't be fun anymore. ;)

 4. Did the fame of Busgirl Blues overwhelm you?

It wasn't so much the number of reads the story was getting, but how touching the comments were. A sixteen year old girl from India said it felt like I'd written the story just for her. That kind of feedback is priceless, I cried like Patrick Starfish.

5. Is Luke a person you know or is he completely fictional?

Each character I write about is usually a mix of people I already know; whether it's a saying or a certain mannerism—I'm not that good at making stuff up ;) Although Luke's story is uniquely his own...just like his blue hair.

6. Tell me more about your other stories?

THE ASP is a YA mystery/thriller that's a cross between Indiana Jones and Veronica Mars. Plus, there are three hot guys.

NIGHT SHIFT is a YA paranormal mystery that takes place in a historic department store in the heart of Manhattan. Think Tim Burton meets the Twilight Zone...there are swoon worthy kissing scenes as well.

7. What is your Life's mantra?

Marry the Beast and get that library!

8. So this is a rapid fire round, you have to answer five questions, quickly. Do not think!

A. Wattpad Friend: A.@wonelson "Wendy"

B. Favourite Book: Pride and Prejudice

C. Love: My family

D. Profession: Registered Nurse...and a writer at night

E. Shopping : Jewelry!!!!!

9. So what is the next book you are writing?

After I complete revisions on BUSGIRL BLUES, I'm getting back to a YA sci-fi novel called FROM ABOVE. It's ET meets Romeo and Juliet...or something like that.

Thanks a lot BRMyers for the beautiful interview. I swear she is like the sweetest person ever :) Her book is getting published soon :)

A/N : So as many of you wanted Elliot Fintry featured here. Her author has replied and i am doing an interview with her soon. Now since i love you all and your support on this book. I will ask 4 questions to nothbynorth given by you guys. So you can ask anything about Fintry or Rose herself and if there is one question everyone wants to know, it will be given more prefernce. I will chose the questions randomly.I want you to send me questuins on my wall. So ask away!!! xx saloni

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