51. Arthur, John, Jace and KN by Crossroad

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51. Arthur, John, Jace and KN

Glass Sneakers, Like yesterday, My Kind of Perfect and Getting it Straight by Crossroad

1. Can you tell us some crazy things you have done in your life?

~During my first year in college, I came back to class after my first blood extraction experience. I thought I was fine. When the class had started, we were grouped by five and we arranged the chairs so that every group was in a circle. So while we were in that circle, the pen in my pocket fell and I tried picking it up. And it was just so weird that everything seemed to be in a blur all of a sudden and I was falling down together with my chair. And yes, I didn't do anything to stop it. I could have. But I just went on and fell with my chair. Because where's the fun when no one's falling off or together with their chairs upon will and out of nowhere? Oh, and the rest of my group helped me get up, after they had their fair share of laughs.

~My friends and I watched a horror movie. I really hated it, but they really wanted to watch one. So I was like, 'Okay, let's go.' And then inside the cinema, I read an ebook and plugged in my earphones for the entire length of the film. That was when they'd realized I wasn't kidding.

~I entered a gent's bathroom without knowing and looked at the guy in front of the mirror as if he was a perv. He was startled that I came barging in, because I was crying. And what was I doing in a gent’s bathroom, anyway? It was out of embarrassment and I was hurt haha. I'll tell you more...

~Yup, the earlier story was that I (this is so me) ended up with the heel of my shoe caught in a stair step. And then I fell. Because I had no choice. I really lost my balance when I tried getting it out. And there was an entire class exiting a classroom right when I fell.

Okay, most of my crazy moments have to do something with me falling. Do not be surprised. When we lived in a dorm, my friends would do me the favor of keeping the extension cords out of my way.

2. From where did you get the idea of Like Yesterday?

Like Yesterday's main inspirations are the movie Soul Surfer (the setting) and the song of the same title by Colbie Caillat (storyline idea). Fun fact: During the time I was looking for names (thank you, babynames.com), I was also reading Chocolate Umbrella by Eva Lau here on Wattpad. So the names Reese, Cad, Snickers, and Godiva.

3. What do you think makes your books different from the others?

The plot. I overthink the plot that it usually takes me years before I'd decide to finally upload a story idea. I won't settle for a half-done plot. And I'm a writer who loves clichés. But the thing about it, I won't make a cliché story without making it different in its own way. So I guess it's more of the plot. And I'm glad that my readers enjoy the pacing and the twists and uniqueness of each of my stories.

4. Do you have any tips to get through writer's block?

Yes: take a break. You deserve some rest.

5. What is your favourite quality about Arthur?

I love this question. Well, the thing I like most about Art is the way he usually takes things lightly. Like the yellow of a traffic light.

6. Best chapter of Glass Sneakers, according to you?

The last chapter. I wish I could say more (currently ongoing), but the readers would see why. Glass Sneakers started with that thought. With the ending. And after writing 80% of it by now, it still is my favorite part.

7. If KN had to give tips on wooing girls, what would he say?

Ignore. She'll come around.

8. So this is a rapid fire round, you have to answer five questions, quickly. Do not think!

A. Favourite crime show? CSI: Miami

B. First thing that comes to your mind when someone says books? Sarah Dessen

C. Your favorite female character? Mia Thermopolis

D. Who is your all time favourite MCM? Lee Min Ho

E. Your mantra of life? Only believe

9. Who are your favorite Wattpad authors?

My favorite authors on Wattpad are Caitlyn Duffy, xoStardust, Shim Simplina (Tsubame), and Noelle (hepburnettes).

10. If you were given a chance to date any fictional character from any TV shows. Who would it be and why?

That would be Song Sam-dong of Dream High aka crushie. <3

Thank you for this amazing interview @Crossroad. Link of her book is on the external link. Check it out!

A/N:Sorry for updating after a long time. College nd studies are taking up all my time! This book has 1 million reads! OMG, thank you so much guys :) xoxo

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