44. Luke Archer by MelTheBookAddict

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44. Luke Archer

Project Popularity by MelTheBookAddict


Luke Archer and Summer Merrick have always been the It-Couple at Roseville High. When Luke breaks up with Summer at the beginning of senior year, Summer reveals that she has been cheating on Luke with Paul Walden, Luke’s best friend. Angry and betrayed, Luke decides to get revenge, and he enlists the help of Jamie Vandeviere, a girl who has always been invisible to the popular crowd. Their goal is to transform Jamie into the most popular girl at school and take down Summer’s position as Queen Bee. However, being popular turns out to be a lot more difficult than what Jamie had in mind. What exactly has she gotten herself into?

I Have Fallen In Love

I don't know how to say this,

the words walking through my mind.

I can't put pen to paper,

the sentence I can't find, for the feelings deep inside my heart.

I pray to god above, for the right words to tell you,

how much I have fallen in love.

By Andy Hughes

1. Can you tell us some weird things about you?

I like to dip my fries in ice cream. And I can't stand pickles.

2. From where did you get the idea of Project Popularity?

I watched a lot of movies and T.V. in the summer of 2012 and one day I just got sick of the repeated "Arrogant, popular jerk hurts good girl" plot. I thought about how unfair and unrealistic it was that the popular kids were always portrayed as the bad guys in the story... I wanted to change that, and that's how Project Popularity was created.

3. What do you think makes Luke so loved by fan girls?

Probably because he's not the stereotypical arrogant jock who looks down on people that are less popular. He's loyal to his friends and his sister; he's protective of Jamie and he would do anything for her.... I think we all want someone like Luke in our lives.

4. So who is your inspiration for writing?

Meg Cabot. It was her books that inspired me to try my hands at writing all those years ago, way back when I was in middle school.

5. Your favourite quality Jamie about and why?

My favorite quality of Jamie would be her loyalty to her friends and her family. I know a lot of people in real life who have no trouble abandoning their friends just so they could work their way up the social ladder. I'd want to be friends with someone like Jamie.

6. Best chapter of PP, according to you?

I don't know about the best chapter, but my favorite chapter so far would have to be Chapter Nine. It's the one where Luke shows up at Jamie's house and sneaks into her room to apologize. I really enjoyed writing the playful conversation that took place between them.

7. If Luke had to give tips on making up with a girl, what would he say?

"It depends on who the girl is. If it's someone nice and sweet like Jamie, just apologize and be honest. If it's someone like Summer... Why even bother? " 8. So this is a rapid fire round, you have to answer five questions, quickly. Do not think!

A. Favourite Authors: Sophie Kinsella. Jodie Picoult. Nicholas Sparks.

B. EBook v/s paperback : Paperback

C. Wattpad: Life-changing.

D. You love? Ice cream, chocolate, and my family.

E. Favorite Singer: Avril Lavigne

9. Which are your favourite Wattpad books and why?

The Cellphone Swap. I absolutely adore the way @DoNotMicrowave writes and I love the humor she inserts in her story. My other favorite is Bullet, written by @SimplyxJess. Jess is amazingly talented and the way she conveys the emotions of her characters is just beautiful.

10. If you were given a chance to be a character in any YA book. Who would it be and why?

I'd want to be Hermione Granger. She's best friends with Harry Potter and she helped save the world. Need I say more? :)

11. What are your writing plans after Project Popularity?

I plan on completing a story that I started years ago but never got to finish. It's teen fiction but it will be completely different from PP. Slightly more angsty.

Thank you for the amazing interview! :) Link of PP on the side!

A/N: Guys I would love for you all to give me recommendations :) Also if someone can make make me cover, I would appreciate it. If you are intersted please PM me! 

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