60 - Alec and Jesse by Cherry_Cola_x

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60. Alec and Jesse

The Bad Stole My Bra and I Almost Killed My Crush's Mom by Cherry_Cola_x

1. Can you tell us about the craziest thing you've ever done? 

The craziest thing I've ever done? Probably to leave my bed. Who even does that anymore? I'm not a particularly crazy person if I'm honest haha

2. From where did you get the idea of The Bad Boy Stole My Bra?

The Bad Boy Stole My Bra was an idea I had one night when I was laying in bed. I can't tell you specifically how I came up with the idea, because I can't remember. However I can tell you that I came up with the title first, and that I wasn't actually planning to write a story at the time :)

3. What do you think makes your books different from the others?

I think what makes my books unique...is their absolutely weird and crazy beginnings. I try to make the meeting of the two main characters as unique as possible!

4. Which are your favorite genres to write?

My favorite genres to write are romance, comedy, teen fiction and I'd love to start writing supernatural as well.

5. Any tips for writer's block?

My personal experience says that clearing your head for a few days helps. Try not to think about writing/planning for a few days. Then come back to your issue with a clear mind and see what you can do :)

6. Best chapter of I Almost Killed My Crush's Mom, according to you? 

I think the best chapter of IAKMCM is probably the one at the Dance, personally. I feel most proud of that chapter :)

7. If Alec had to give tips on wooing girls, what would he say?

 Use some amazing pick up lines, throw in a smirk and a wink and you're set. Be confident, but not cocky. Compliment them.

8. So this is a rapid fire round, you have to answer five questions, quickly. Do not think!

A. Alec v/s Jesse. Pick one: ALEC

B. First thing that comes to your mind when someone says Lois? CLUMSY

C. What impact has Wattpad made on you? HUGE

D. Taylor Swift - QUEEN

E. Which female fictional character of yours do you relate to the most? RILEY

9. Who are the authors who inspire you? The authors that inspire me are J.K. Rowling, Cathy Cassidy, Rachel Caine and many many more!

10.If you were given a chance to bring back any fictional character to life, who would it be and why?

Finnick from The Hunger Games, because he has a sick wife (Annie) and a child on the way. He should be there to see his family :)

A/N: Thank you for the fabulous interview Lauren :D

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