53. Jared, Trent, James, Cade and Sam by xXMopelXx

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53. Jared, Trent, James, Cade and Sam ]

Boundless Ties, On the flip side, Living with the bad boy, Trapped with an Arrogant Badass, Back to December by xXMopelXx

1. Can you tell us some crazy things you have done in your life?

Crazy things I've done in life? I don't know, I don't think I've done much to be honest. But, um, I've done martial arts, I've gotten my permit (I'm pretty bad ass) and sometimes, I go out at night for rebellious things with my friends. Oh, and I've gone on Canada's tallest rollercoaster... with my hands up.

2. From where did you get the idea of Trapped with an Arrogant Bad Ass?

Well, the idea of TWAABA came to me after we had a snow storm at school. There was like 5 feet of snow and I was in the middle of doing my exam when we lost all electricity. Then we ran around school like maniacs. When I finally got home, I thought, "how fun would it have been if people got stuck in school together with no one to help them? What if it was a boy and a girl? That would be awkward. Oh, oh. What if they were... exes?" Then somewhere along the lines, I wrote TWAABA.

3. What do you think makes your books different from the others?

Honestly, I wouldn't even know how to answer that! I mean, I'll let my readers decide. I haven't read on wattpad in awhile (maybe about a year) so I don't know what's trending. I don't know if my stories are cliche or not (though they probably are) even though I try to make them as original as I possibly can. I try to incorporate my experiences in what I write so maybe that's how they differ? LOL, though some of my readers have labelled me as 'Queen of Bad Boys' so that's pretty funny.

4. Do you have any tips to get through writer's block?

I wish I did. If you have some, Saloni, be sure to pass them on ;) I usually just stop writing and listen to music, watch movies, read other books, etc. Basically, until inspiration strikes me again.

5. What is your favourite quality about Samuel?

His cockiness and confidence. And, the fact that he has a beer name and doesn't let it bother him. His ego is pretty fantastic. I've taken the current version of living with the bad boy down but one of the things that I really, really love about him (other than the fact that he was the first male character I created) is how loyal and dedicated he is to his friends and how fiercely he 'likes' *wink wink* Anna. Although he won't show it, a part of him would do just about anything for the blond bombshell that's living under the same roof as him. Can you tell he's my favorite?

6. Best chapter of Boundless Ties, according to you?

I can't choose! Normally I could, but I've just had such a great time writing the story that his is hard for me. BUT, I'd probably have to say 1) The handcuff chapter 2) Their Kiss 3) Nat's flashback! What's your favorite? :)

7. If Trent had to give tips on wooing girls, what would he say?

Wine and dine, darlings. That's the way to a woman's heart. Unless you want to bed her first, of course. Dinner can come after that, too, but it's gotta come! Unless she's, uh, your little sister's best friend... make sure you ask her first. Siblings shouldn't have to castrate you.

8. So this is a rapid fire round, you have to answer five questions, quickly. Do not think!

A. Cade v/s Jared. Pick one: Cade #sorryJared (Though I swear to you a month ago I would have picked Jared over Cade)

B. First thing that comes to your mind when someone says books? Love

C. What impact has Wattpad made on your life? It's shown me how much I love to write and interact with others. With all the support I've gotten, I'm considering publishing some of my other stories when I'm older.

D. Who is your all time favourite MCM? Um, I'm really indecisive so. 1) Ponyboy 2) Alex Fuentes 3)Jase Winstead. (the last one fucks really well, btw)

E. What is your mantra of life? Live life with no regrets and don't dwell over what can't be undone - like your past.

9. Who are your favourite Wattpad authors?

This is a really hard one, too. I feel like I have to say Somethingtrue, because Kaila is my wattpad bestie and she'd kill me otherwise. But I love Kammi, Jess, Ashley and Noelle's works.

10. If you were given a chance to date any fictional character from any sitcoms. Who would it be and why?

This changes quite often. If you asked me a decade ago, Seth Cohen. Because he's the cute, neurotic nerd. If you'd ask me a year ago, then Stiles Stilinski. Because he's the new Seth Cohen. Six months ago, then Oliver Queen. Because he's a superhero and billionaire, and well, I want to be his Black Canary. But now, it's a tie between Captain Hook and Jamie Fraser. The latter being because he puts Christian Grey to shame. Hook is just sexy as fuck. As you can see, I'm quite the player.

Thank you for this fabulous interview Mahrsy :* She is so nice and super cool too. I'm hooked on her books, if you read them you'll understand why.

A/N: I've been awol for the past couple of months, exams and studies had taken my time. But now I'm back. I have vacations now, and I just came back from a relaxing holiday. I'm a bit off track on Wattpad, so send me your suggestions. I want to discover new hotties badly ;) Thank you for being patient with me!

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