31. Logan Cross by orangechicken

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31. Logan Cross

I'll Protect You by orangechicken

Overview: Meet Logan Cross. He's young, handsome, and absolutely brilliant. He roams the halls of Cross Academy as the boy genius, admired and loved by everyone around him.

Except for one.

Enter Park Sparrow. She's your average, cliche, scholarship student that made it in because she was just smart. Park's your daily outcast you meet in the halls, the only one with bright yet dark red hair and sarcastic remarks towards everyone and everything. She's the only one who doesn't trail the prince like the puppy--in fact, they hate each other.

That is, until the fateful day where secrets are uncovered.

Turns out your boy genius is a also a top class agent, and was chosen for the ultimate job of being the Princess of Cimeria's guard. Park's your princess, living undercover as a citizen of Paradise, Montana when she's actually the heir to the throne of a kingdom.

Park and Logan must learn how to put aside their differences and get along, because Park is in grave danger. As they work together to put together the mystery of who wants Park's throne, they must face new complications and obstacles that will be much more difficult than just a school yard grudge.  

Words From The Heart  

When I fell in love my heart was on fire 
To be with you was my one desire
And if you love me I’ll give you everything you need 
A lifetime of promises and a world full of dreams 
For only my heart knows what it means 
And I promise you it won’t be wrong 
One love, two hearts we will make it strong,
But now my love is lost in your sweet kiss 
Honey when I’m alone you’re the one I miss
And your sweet, tender love it hard to resist
Darling it's true my heart has fallen in love with you 
Looking upon the stars tonight wishing with all my might
Hoping someday you will realize this passion I hold inside
Honey it doesn’t cost a dime. 
And if you give in your love could be mine
I feel truly blessed for this feeling the Lord has given me
Accompany by faith and much understanding
And I know this gift will guide me for all eternity
As my heart fly by with angel wings 
And the clouds form into wedding rings
A woman in love the angels sing 
On and on a soft melody
That’s how it feels to be in love like me.
For thoughts from the heart are never ending  

by Leiby Acosta

1. Can you tell us something about your daily life?

My daily life consists of the internet, school, piano and band. And that's about it.

2. From where did you get the idea about I'll protect you?

Protection Program and The Princess Diaries. Then I was listening to a song called I'll Protect You, which is a really sweet song (it's in Korean though).

3. Tell me more about Logan Cross?

Logan is probably the most misunderstood character in my story, and for that, I apologize because I accidentally wrote him that way.He's supposed to come off as a desirable, intelligent, popular young prodigy. But I never got to exercise any of those traits besides his intelligence and popularity.But Logan is a very protective, very emotional, very strong person who cares a lot for those around him.

4. Is Park based on you or does she have an of your traits?

Park is, to a certain extent, based on me. I didn't have any other inspiration really. She has a lot of my traits, like the sarcasm and the stupidity and the recklessness.I'm not as brilliant and smart as Park, however.

5. What inspired you to write a princess-bodyguard story ?

I've always wanted to be a princess (I am a girl--we tend to think that) but I've always wanted to be a secret agent/spy. Then, I decided to live through those ideas in this story.

6. Best chapter of I'll protect you, according to you?

My favorite...would be...either be between when Park and Sophia got kidnapped and she fought their way out, and when Park met Alec for the first time.

7. If Logan had to give tips on treating girls right. What would he say?

Logan would probably say something really cheesy, like, "Treat her like this is the last day you'll ever get to be with her." Which in his case is highly possible.

8. So this is a rapid fire round, you have to answer five questions, quickly. Do not think!

A. Favourite Author: UH J.K. ROWLING

B. Piano: Piano Song??? Anything by Mozart or Chopin. Piano brand would Yamaha and favorite composers would be those two I listed.

C. Glasses: Ray Bans. Aviators too, because I've been told I look amazing in those

D. The Lion King: Simba

E. Wattpad book you love: Saving Elliot by @northbynorth and The Quirky Tales of April Hale by @demonicblackcat

9. What is your favourite Logan-Parker moment?

Oh, there's so many to choose.

Well, at the moment, it would be when Logan took her back to her bed after their first kiss.After I edit the story though, there will be a new scene where they both spill their secrets (and it's gonna be my favorite!)

10.How do you deal with people who are cynical and criticize your work?

I try and take it in the best way that I can. use whatever they don't like and try and look their their eyes to see what's wrong with my story. Then I fix it, or make a note to fix it.

11. What new books are you going to write after you have completed I'll protect you? 

I'm writing two. One of them is another humorous and romance story dealing with a girl called Jay.Another is going to be a more fictional, adventurous themed with magic (it's gonna be my first otherwordly book! )

Thanks a lot @orangechicken for this mindblowing interview. No matter what anyone says, i love Logan and my opinion will not change. Link of IPU is on the external link! 


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