30. Winston Francis by Musiq4lyf

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30. Winston Francis

The STD Trace by Musiq4lyf

Overview: When the whole school practically breaks out with a nasty case of Chlamydia, Hannah Trimester jumps at the chance to write an award winning article about it. Of course, tracing all the way to the first person that received the STD isn't going to be easy, but Hannah will stop at nothing to get into Columbia University. Can she fight through all of the bitter students, ones who don't believe in her goal, and still manage to trace the lines perfectly?

Love. Plain And Simple  Nicole I get butterflies,

every time,
You look at me, touch me, talk to me.
Big cheesy smiles across my face,
You fill that empty place,
Deep in my heart,
Where it has been lonely for such a long while,
I hope we never part.
Because if we did…
I don’t know if I could take it..
I’m giving you my heart..
Please don’t break it.
Oh I feel for you so much,
When your not with me
Oh how I miss your touch.
I go crazy waiting for your reply,
When I can’t talk to you I want to cry.
I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way..
Feelings for you come more and more each and every day,
You know how to make me smile
I hate being away from you
Even for a little while
You’re so sweet
When I'm near you, my whole body fills with heat,
And I have an out of control heart beat.
I cant control myself
I cant help but want you all to myself.
I can’t think of enough words to explain,
My feelings for you are simple, there plain.
Do you understand what I'm trying to say?
I'm so glad we found each other
I'm so glad we love one another.
There are only so many words to use to say
You are more then okay
You’re mine babe  

by Nicole     

1. Can you tell us something about your normal life?

My normal life is pretty simple. I go to to college and on my free time write for Wattpad, blog for Tumblr,and play a whole crap load of Sims ha. When I am in the mood, sometimes I'll try out for a musical or play and make a new family while performing or a lot of people.

2. From where did you get the idea about The STD Trace?

Everytime someone asks me this question, I really wish I could answer with something super cool and creative, but the truth is, that how I got the idea isn't really all that cool after all. I was usingthe restroom, ha, and in my head I thought aboutthis Lifetime movie I saw where this entire school recieved syphilis and the main character fell victimto it as well. So then I thought, I can make this funny and so I started researching the most contagious STD's and here you have it.

3. Tell me more about the Winston?

Winston was a different kind of male perspective for me. I usually write about confident and hilariousguys that make fabulous friends for life and assholes.But Winston turned out to be kind of closed off, loving, romantic, and downright sexy with his littlenerdy self. The scenes where Hannah and him are atodds had to have been the most revealing to his character and I think that is why people fell so much in love with him.

4. So is Hannah based on you or does she have any of your traits?

Hannah has a lot of my traits, actually. I'm that kid that will tell a bunch of protesters about themselves, I'll stand up for those less fortunate than I, I would go on an STD Trace, I ramble, I'm pretty hilarious, and I make friends easily while also making tons of mistakes in my life. So she has a lot of me and she said a lot of things that I would say everyday with my friends. But then there are things she does that I would never. Generally, I guess you could say she is me in a sense.

5. What? LOL

Your mom's chest hair!

6. Best chapter of The STD Trace, according to you?

Chapter nineteen: Once a Dude, Always a Dude. Accepted has to be the absolute best. Not only did I get a whole bunch of great feedback on how hilarious it was, it was super fun to write. It showed off Omunique and Hannah's relationship, it exposed what great lengths Hannah would go toto accomplish her goal, and that was really the whole point of the chapter.

7. If Winston had to give tips on love. What would he say?

Winston would probably say: "Love is hard, trust me, but if you're not fighting for it everyday, what else do you have to fight for?

8. So this is a rapid fire round, you have to answer five questions, quickly. Do not think!

A. Favourite Wattpad Author: ForeverMalak

B. Cliché: Bad boys liking good girls

C. Favourite quote from Hannah: "...Some are taught that men define women and some are taught that women define themselves. But hardlyany people are taught that women and men defineeach other."

D. Bad boys: Ian Somerhaldger, Brad Pitt, Cam Gigandet.

E. Music: Rock, pop, indie, some rap, electronica, dubstep

9. Any message to your fans?

Even though you all hound me for updates, I still love you all anyways.

10.What new books are you going to write after you have completed your ongoing projects?

I have two: #BadBoyMeetsEvenBadderGirl and Le Foreigners. They are going to be super fun. Check them out :)  

Thank you @Musiq4lyf for this superb interview :) Link of The STD Trace is on the external link :)

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