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Wattpad's Hotties by My_Little_Secret_
Wattpad's Hottiesby Saloni
You have read about them. You have swooned over them. You have loved them for each sweet and idiotic act they have committed. You have cried when their hearts have been...
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My Gift by vaughnlessbangus
My Giftby n o o b
Short Fic Heads up... very angsty This is my grief... este, my gift for my fellow alyden shippers na sobrang nasasaktan pero at the same time naiintindihan at ginagalang...
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Destiny Written Long Time Ago by NeerjaJain
Destiny Written Long Time Agoby Neerja Jain
My take --Post 3 years ,does not seems to be part of AFK. An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, and ci...
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My Perfect Marriage  by its_me_shanzz
My Perfect Marriage by Infinity Thoughts
AvNeil OS 'My take' on AvNeil's remarriage..!! What if Juhi never tried to commit suicide??? What if Neil never left Avni in the alter??? Peep in to know more
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My Take On by randomaccountga
My Take Onby randomaccountga
My take on factors of life
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Sad poems to no one by my_emo_self
Sad poems to no oneby my_emo_self
My take on the world and its crappy problems.
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Twenty Questions by SimplyJessie73
Twenty Questionsby Simply Jessie
One boy. One girl. One Room. Twenty Questions.
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PADMAVATI - with an I.  by EmaadAMalik
PADMAVATI - with an I. by Emaad.A.Malik
My take on the famous PADMAVATI. A story about a queen , from the mystical lands of Mewar.
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Thats Life For You by 1Aranova1
Thats Life For Youby Slimsy
Spreading awareness of stupidity and giving my take on what its like for ME in the real world. Totally helpful advice.
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My Take On Life by stormgrey32
My Take On Lifeby stormgrey32
Just my opinion on things in the world. Maybe some rants ect....
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Nineteen_84's Must-Reads  by JAChaffin
Nineteen_84's Must-Reads by J. A. Chaffin
[In Progress With Updates at Least Every 2 Weeks] A list of the most enticing books I have discovered here on Wattpad in a few brief sentences with a link and the author...
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twisted short stories by _unofficial_
twisted short storiesby corbin
== the knocking grew louder, driving me insane. the repetitive pounding of knuckles on metal, the high pitched screams of the monster outside my door. thank god i'm alr...
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Through My Eyes- Wattpad Books' Reviews by Frost267
Through My Eyes- Wattpad Books' Frost267
I've been on Wattpad for a years now and have read a fair share of books. So, I've decided to review all the books I've read so that you guys can have an easier experien...
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Darkness Development  by Gods_abandonment
Darkness Development by Gods_abandonment
He loves me. He loves me not. God hates me. Satan hates me not. When Isabel moves to a secluded part of the state's to get away from her mother for 'Space' she meets th...
Random 5sos Things  by 5SOSandKiaLawley
Random 5sos Things by Calum's Babe
So these are just some random 5sos fact, funny things, and some little questions. Hope you like it!
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What I have understood So far ! by Drishti_Kharbanda
What I have understood So far !by Drishti_Kharbanda
One day we all will have our chance One day we will be able to look through the glass of envy we have made One day we will be there where we belong At the end of the...
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Only us by kendra_3303
Only usby kendra_3303
What if only Clarke and Bellamy were sent to the ground. How would that affect the story? Find out in my fan fiction.
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