[18] Oops

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Next day

Ring ring
I rolled over to the side of my bed and picked up my phone
"Mm....what?..." I said.
"You awake?" A guy's voice
"Wh...Who are you?
"Yah seriously? It's me, Jimin" Jimin said.
"OH. Yeah..What's up?"

"Would you mind coming over to my house right now? I kinda have a small little problem in the kitchen..."
"What..but it's only 8:30 a.m.! AGHHHH"
"Mian, mian. I'll treat you to lunch tomorrow, okay?"
"Fine, whatever. I'll be there ASAP."

I washed my face and tied my hair into a messy bun. I wore some short shorts with a loose white and dark purple striped tee.

I grabbed my bag and took my white converse. I headed to Jimin's apartment. I pressed in the passcode since I already knew it. Beepbeep.

"Jimin?" I said as I took off my shoes.

"Ah, y/n, you're here." I saw him poke his head out of the kitchen.

I put my bag down on the counter and entered the kitchen.

It looked like someone tried to create a nuclear bomb. The result was, they killed themselves with it.
"WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!" I stared at Jimin. He ruffled his hair.
"Well...you see...I was trying to make something for breakfast for once...and...yea."
"You should've just came over to my place! Oh gosh. Go get me a mop with a bucket of water. I'll wipe off the stove and stuff first."

As I said that, I took a towel and wiped the stove, but it was still hot. "Wait y/n-"
"AH!" I flinched back. Aish...my finger.

"Y/N! Wait, put it under cool water first. I'll go get a band-aid and medicine."
Way to start off a day.

Jimin came back with the things. "Sit down first."
"Huh? No, it's fine. Just hurry up and do it."
"Just sit down."
"okay okay. Fine." I went and sat down on the couch.
He squatted in front of me and started applying the medicine carefully, making sure he doesn't accidentally touch the skin.

I looked at him. His hair was covering his face. With my free hand, I unconsciously smoothed it back. Jimin looked at me. "y/n?"
"Oh, sorry. It's nothing. Are you done yet?"

I.just.stared. His flawless face...sharp jawline...soft lips...slender fingers...AHH, what are you thinking?! You sound like a pervert! shoo random thoughts, shoo!!!

"Okay done. Wait here first. Let me clean up and you can do the cooking after." he said.
"No, I'll help. It'll be faster too."
"You got hurt. Now sit here quietly and watch the TV." he said as he turned on the remote and headed back to the kitchen. Aish. He always worries over the smallest things.

30 minutes later...

"OK~ time to cook breakfast!"
I looked at the clock. Oh my gosh. I haven't even drank a sip of water since this morning. I licked my lips to re-moisten them. I should get cooking.

I looked in the fridge. Pepper, chicken, over-night rice. Seems good. Let's make stir-fry.


"OMG! This looks amazing." Jimin said.
"Haha, thanks. I started practicing more at home since mum's away."
"Hey, can I come over to eat your meals from time to time?"
"Sure. Of course you can." I said
"Thanks for the food." and I started digging in like a wolf. I was extremely hungry and thirsty.

"Ah, i'm full." I said, patting my stomach. But moments later, I had a stomachache.

"shit...I think I ate too quickly...my stomach is hurting now.."
"should I drive you to the hospital?" Jimin asked, rubbing my back.
"No..if I lay down for a bit, i'll be fine."

Jimin brought me into the room and got me an extra pillow to hug on to.
"Is this the first time?" he asked me.
"No... I used to have these pretty frequently when I was little..now it comes from time to time. I guess i'm always in a rush to do things..." I clenched the pillow.

"Oh I forgot to tell you..."
"Hm?" I asked.
"I read your sticky notes."
"Oh." I laughed.
"The ones the guys put were hilarious." I said.

"Yea they were. I read yours too."
"haha. I was just mad at you then. It's all fine."

He firmly held my hands.

"I don't think I can be friends with you anymore."

End of chapter

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