[8] Plan

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I woke up to the sound of a guy calling my name.
I looked at my clock. 8:00. CRAP!

I quickly brushed my teeth while changing my clothes. I ran down the stairs and met Jimin holding a plate with black stuff on it.
"What the fxck...WHAT IS THAT?!" I pointed to the plate.
"Uh. Toast." Jimin said, scratching the back of his head. I sighed.
"Yea, not today." I grabbed 2 apples from the fruit basket. I threw one to him.

I quickly grabbed my bag and put my shoes on. "Let's goo. We already missed the bus!" I said, pulling on Jimin's sleeve.
Sadly, we had to run to school. I didn't own a bike. Jimin didn't either since he just moved.

By the time we got there, it was already 8:40. Should we just skip? "Should we just skip?" Jimin said.
"Well, there's a supply teacher. Plus, today's just a work period.. Sounds good." I said.
So we just walked around the school. "During lunch, I'll come find you." Jimin said.

"Huh? Can't I just come to the caf?" I said.
"No, I don't want something like yesterday to happen again. Plus, I need to introduce you to my friends."

I waited for Jimin outside of my classroom. It was already 5 minutes. Did he get lost?
"Ah!" I turned around to see someone familiar. I think he was sitting with Jimin yesterday.
"Hello! Name's Taehyung. You can call me Tae if you want."
"Oh, from last night!" I said as I started laughing.
"Where's Jimin though?" I asked.
"Oh he was behind me just-"
"Yah Alien! You cheater! I saw you use the elevator!" Jimin was out of breath.
"But now I've met y/n! Let's go to the caf." Tae flashed me as smile.

"What happened?" I asked Jimin.
"We were suppose to race to your room but when I ran up the stairs, I saw him come out of the elevator! CHEATER!" He pointed to Tae.
"Now, now. Nobody said that we couldn't use the elevator!" Taehyung patted Jimin's back.
I laughed.

We all met at a round table in the caf.
"AYY! Y/n's here!" one of the guy's said.
"Hi! I'm Jungkook. And that guy-" Jungkook pointed to the guy from earlier.
"-is Hoseok." He said. I looked around at the others.
"Hi, my name is Namjoon." "I'm Jin." "Yoongi"
I bowed to them. "My name's (your full name). Nice to meet you all." I smiled at them.
"AHH she's so cute" Hoseok said.
Jimin glared at them.

"So last night was fun." I said.
"Haha. It isn't usual that we chat all the way till midnight." Namjoon said.
"Really? But you guys seemed so hyped up." I said.
"Well it was really thanks to you." Jimin said.
He got up. "I'll go get my food first."

Once he left, I immediately turned over to them. "I heard that his birthday is this weekend." I whispered.
"Oh how'd you know?!" Kathy asked and I told them what happened last night.
"I've been thinking, how about we host a party at his house or something?" I suggested.
"That sounds like a way better idea than Tae's." Jungkook said.
"What was yours?" I asked Tae.
"Go visit Mars. My homeland." He answered with a straight face.
I bursted out laughing. "Wh-"
"What are you guys laughing at?" Jimin said.
"Oh nothing.." I stopped laughing immediately.

That night, we created a group chat without Jimin, to plan for the birthday party of course. So his was how it's going to go:
I visit him with a very reasonable excuse. Then someone will call him out while I'm inside his apartment. While he's out, I open the door to let everyone else in. We'll decorate his house and everything and make sure it's all perfect to surprise him when he comes in through the door.

Perfect, right?

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