[12] Broken Glass

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2 days later... (Monday)
I walked into the school alone this morning 'cause Jimin had to do some music thing. I took art for the sole reason to not wake up early.

I headed to my locked to get my stuff before heading to first period class.
"Bitch.....ugly.....cheater..." Great. What now?

I turned around to eye the people who were talking behind my back, instead I saw someone else back towards me.
"YAH YOU! CLEAN YOUR MOUTH WITH SOAP. IT HELPS." Jimin said as he pointed to one of the girls.
I tapped his shoulder. "Hey, what are you doing?" I asked him.
"What do you think?"
"Let's just go to class." I said pulling him along.

I brought my lunch over to where the guys were sitting. Everyone was there except for Jimin.
"YAh! Why'd you bring the alcohol Taehyung?!" Was the first thing I heard.
"Jin! Calm down! There are other people in here!" I said to him.
"Sorry...It's just, you should know better!" Jin glared at Tae.

"Well it should be fine. No one got hurt or anything after all." Kathy said.
"But you guys are all underage! Poor maknae too! Shame on you, honestly!" Jin said.

It was already 5 minutes into lunch and Jimin wasn't at the table yet.
"Hey...Where's Jimin?" I asked the guys.
"I heard some guys wanted to talk to him earlier." Namjoon said.
"Oh. I see."

I finished my lunch and looked at my phone. 12:26. Where in the world is he? I texted him but he wouldn't respond. His calls were sent to voicemail. Maybe I'll just go look for him.
"Y/n, where are you going?" Kathy asked.
"Oh just washroom."

Our school consisted of 3 floors that was somewhat like an infinity shape. I searched the first floor first. I also checked the music department since he had business there this morning.
"Hi there miss." A teacher saw me walk into the classroom.
"Oh hi. Have you seen a boy name Park Jimin around here during lunch?" I asked.
"No, I don't think so. Sorry."
"Oh, no. It's okay. Thanks anyways." I said and walked to the second floor using the main stairs.

Math department. Nope. English department. Nope. International languages department. Nope.
This is getting really frustrating. I started heading to the science department on the third floor when I heard loud banging noises and glass breaking. I ran up the stairs and tried to find the room that I heard it from.

I heard a familiar voice. "FUCK OFF WITH MY GIRLFRIEND." Taemin.

Should I add scenes of them in classroom? I always skip them XP
I'll see if I can in the next few chapters. Don't worry! The story isn't anytime soon. It might go up to 25 chapters or a little more.

See you in my next chapter and don't forget to smile! :)

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