[10] Party

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"Y/n, are you okay?" Jimin said as he knocked on the bathroom door.
"What do you think?"
"I'll leave a cup of water and a pill out here. Make sure to take them okay?" And he left.
I opened the door slightly and took the pill. Ah. I think I'm already starting to feel better. I washed my hands and got out of the bathroom.

"Y/n's all revived!" I shouted as I put my hands in the air.
"Ok, ok. Now sit down, we are gonna play Wii." Kathy said as she pulled me to the couch.
Jimin and Yoongi were versing each other in boxing.
"Aha!! Suck that, gramps!" Jimin shouted as he K.O.ed Yoongi.
"Pssh. Come up here, my little golden egg!" Yoongi said as he high-fived Jungkook.
We kept watching them lose against the maknae. He really does live up to that name!

"Here's a drink." Taehyung said, offering me some juice.

10 minutes later
"Yahhhh~ pabo Jiiminnieeee~" I said.
"Excuse me?" Jimin looked at me.

Jimin's POV
I looked over to Jin. He was already asleep.
Then at Jungkook. He seemed fine.. Maybe a little drowsy?
"Oh oops," I heard Tae said.
"What?" I asked him, nervously.
"It wasn't juice...it was wine."
I stared at him, expecting him to just be joking like he usually does.
"You must be kidding me. WHY WOULD YOU HAVE WINE WHEN EEVERYONE'S UNDERAGE?!" I said, mouth wide opened.
"Hehe..." He smiled cheekily.

Hoseok suddenly got up. He took his phone and played a song on full volume and started dancing like a machine. Nononononono. Namjoon started to get up dance along with Hoseok.
"HYUNGG~" and I felt someone back-hug me.
"Kookie, let's go to bed now..." I said, trying to lay him down on the sofa.
"No. I don't want to." He got up and started walking around.
I looked at my surroundings again. Everyone is drunk. Well except me and Taehyung. He had a pretty good tolerance and well, I didn't drink anything.

"Y/n~~~ I loooove you thisssss much. Ya know that?" Kathy said as she hugged y/n.
"You're also realllllll sexyyy." Kathy poked y/n on the waist.
"Hajimaa~" y/n said. My mind's a mess right now. What the hell do I do with 7 drunk people?
Taehyung wasn't much help either since he was the one who gave the wine out.

I looked over back at the girls and saw y/n about to hit her head on the arm rest.
"YAH!" I jumped over to catch her head just in time.
"Mm. Soft." She held my arm and used it as a pillow.
"Yah, y/n, my arm's not a pillow." I said, trying to pull my arm away from her.

She suddenly sat up. "YOU!" She pointed at me. She suddenly covered her mouth.
"Wait! DON'T TELL ME. HOLD THAT IN. LET ME GET THE GARBAGE CAN." I shouted. Thank God I caught the vomit just in time. Phew.
Y/n suddenly went limp. "AY. You gotta be more careful!" I caught her and carried her to my room. Along with a trash can. Just in case.

I went back to the living room and just stared at the mess. A HOT mess it was.
"Kim Taehyung." I glared at him.
"Mian, mian. I'll take them home, 'Kay?"
"You better."

"Hey, what's all this?" Jin said.
"You aren't drunk?" I asked
"Drunk? Course not. I can hold my liquor quite well too!"
"PLEASE HELP ME OMMA. Take these kids home. Right now too! They're crazy!" I pointed to Hoseok and Namjoon who were still dancing. Jungkook got a hold of my right leg. Yoongi wasn't normal, but he wasn't completely drunk either. Kathy was watching the two dance as if they were Gods.

"Aish, KIDS! LET'S GO HOME NOW! OMMA WILL TUCK YOU INTO BED." Jin shouted at the top of his lungs, over the booming music.
"Okay omma~~~" Everyone responded back.
"And you Taehyung," Jin flicked Tae on the forehead.
"This was a horrible prank."

So now my apartment was left with bottles and cups all over the place. Pillows thrown around the room, which smelled like liquor.

How am I going to clean all this?

I started taking the trash from the table and putting them in a garbage bag when I suddenly heard a weird groan coming from my room.
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