[4] Morning

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Jimin's POV
Is that y/n? She looks so small and cute though...
I walk closer to her and decide to say hi.

"Y/N! Stop it! It's just me!"
Agh. I didn't mean to scare her. I feel so bad.
Wow, her house is really nice.
Y/N looks really pretty when she's working and doing things.

"So what did you want to talk about?"

What do I say... I just wanted to see her and say hi...

"Um... Where do I start...when's the history assignment due? What's your schedule? What's your phone number? What's your favourite colour?"


She laughed.
We talked on until late at night. I'm glad I came over, I now know so much more about her.

Next Morning

Ding dong

Hmm? Who could it be? This early too...maybe mom forgot her keys.

I quickly rushed down the stairs, still in my PJs.

I open the door expecting to see a tired ahjumma but instead, I was met by a guy in a grey hoodie.

"Jimin? What are you doing here?" I said while trying to fix my bed hair.

"I thought maybe you'd want some company since you're alone."
"Oh. Sure. Come in. Have a seat first."

I quickly ran back upstairs, brushed my teeth and change into my set of clothes.

"Have you eaten breakfast yet, Jimin?" I said as I poured out two glasses of orange juice.

"Oh, no. I usually don't anyways." He said as he took a sip.

"Yah. That's not good for your health! Of all meals, breakfast is most important. If you want, I can cook you something. Though I can't guarantee it's 100% edible."
"Haha. Sure, why not."

"Here's your toast and fried eggs."

I looked at him as he took a bite. His cheeks were so chubby. Haha

"How is it?"
"Uhh..*chews some more* it's-" he said as he gave a hard-to-swallow look.
He changed his expression.
"It's actually not bad!"
"Really?" I took a bite. It was amazingly good for the amount of experience I never had.

We finished breakfast and started walking to the bus stop. We arrived just in time and got onto the bus. We sat together somewhere near the back. I took the window seat.

"Wanna listen to music?" Jimin asked as he offered me an earbud.

nae simjangsoril deureobwa
jemeosdaero neol bureujanha
i kkaman eodum sogeseo
neoneun ireohge biccnanikka

geu soneul naemireojwo save me save me
I need your love before I fall, fall

Before I realized, I dozed back to sleep.

Hey everybody!
Currently writing another book (called summer nights) and i'm just in love with the storyline. Hopefully you guys will like it too when i publish it ^__^

See you in my next chapter and don't forget to smile! :)

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