[17] Together

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I woke up seeing blankets in my face and no Jimin. I checked the clock: 3 p.m.

"JIMIN!" I shouted, walking out of his room. Where is he?
I checked the whole apartment. Nowhere to be found. I ran outside and back to the ahjussi.

"Excuse me..have you seen Jimin?"

"Oh! You're the sister from earlier! And yes I have! He looked so much better. He came down here not too long ago."
"Did he ask you anything?"
"No. But I did tell him that you came to visit because of your worry of your brother."

I walked out into the street. Where in the world would he go? I tried calling him and texting him. No response.

I walked to the park. Nope. Would he be by the mall? No, he would have a really high chance of meeting people there.

As I started walking back, I crossed a convenience store. Food. I need to fill that refrigerator with some food again. So I walked in. I headed to the freezer section and got a few things. Then I headed to the snack section. I saw a familiar figure.

"JIMIN!" I shouted.
"SHHH!" The cashier shushed me.
"Sorry!" I said.

He looked at me.
"Yah! Go back to bed this instant! You're sick!" I said.
"I'm fine."
"No you're not!" I walked to him and touched his forehead.
"Look! You're forehead is...normal..."
"Just for your info, I'm mad at you!"
"Then why'd you barged into my apartment, feed me medicine, and say that I'm your brother?"

I didn't answer him. I looked at what was in his hands, which were snacks. I snatched them out of his hands and headed to the cashier.
"$20.55 please." The cashier said, eyeing me from before.
"Here you go." I said.
"Yah, I'll pay for that!" Jimin said
"Shut up."

I ended up paying for it. We started heading back to the apartment building.

"Ah you found each other!" The ahjussi from before said. I gave him a nod and headed to the elevator. I walked in and Jimin followed. I pushed him out.

"Yah! What are you doing? Let me into the elevator!"
"No." I replied.
"Come on! There's only one elevator here!"
"Use the stairs then."
"What?" He said as I stomped on his foot, making him jump back. I quickly pressed the close button before he could stop me. I pressed all the floor numbers. When his floor number came, I quickly exited and let the elevator go up allll the way to the top floor.

I entered his apartment and put the bag of things down on the counter.
"I hate you." I muttered.

10 seconds later, Jimin bursted through the doors, out of breath.
"Yah! (full name)! How dare you make me run the stairs!"
"You need to get back in shape. Look at you. That would've been easy peasy if you were like before."

"Are you kidding me? That's 10 flights of stairs! You can barely even walk 2!!"
I ignored him and sat on the couch. I turned on the t.v. to watch the news.

"Y/n. I'm sorry"
"What for?"
"Making you guys worry. I shouldn't have locked myself away from you guys. You were right. I should've told you what was in my heart."

Jimin walked over and sat beside me. "Y/n~" he pulled on my arm.
"Miann~ please forgive meeee~"
One new thing I learned today: Jimin is horrible at aegyo.

"You know..." Jimin said
"Last..last...night... I had a-"
I started laughing. "Ah my stomach hurts hahaa."
"Yah! I was trying to do my aegyo!"
"And you suck!" I kept on laughing.

"Yahyahyah! (Full name)!" He pulled me into a headlock.
"Ah it hurts Jimin. I might get whiplash. Yah!" He quickly let go.
"Omg are you okay?" He leaned closer.

Ah. My heart is pumping so fast right now. I felt the heat rushing to my ears and cheeks.

"I-I'm fine.."
"Mm. Suit yoursel-"

Ding dong
Could it be the ahjussi?

Jimin went and opened the door while I peeked from the couch.
"OMO JIMIN! YOU'RE ALIVE!!!" Jungkook ran in and gave Jimin a hug. He looked over and noticed me.

"AH NOONAAA~~" he quickly took off his shoes and ran towards me, giving me a hug too.
"Yah! Careful of her injury!" Jimin said.
"Ah oops. Are you okay?" Jungkook said.
"200% okay" I said, giving two thumbs up.

"Our Jimin finally opened the door. Do you know how much bags were accumulating outside?" Namjoon said.

"What?" Jimin said.
"Bro, look in the trash bin." He walked towards the kitchen and opened the lid of the trash can.
"What th-, ALL THIS FOOD!" He shouted.

"Okay guys. Settle down. I brought some homemade food today. Let's eat!" Jin said.

While we were eating, Tae started asking me what happened. I explained to them how I was acting as Jimin's sister and then I had to clean up all of his mess (which he will have to repay me somehow) and then I had to nurse a sick Jimin.

"Wow. You are perfect wife material." Kathy said, giving me a thumbs up and a wink.

"Oh. Haha..." I nervously laughed.

End of chapter

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