[11] T-shirt

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Jimin's POV
I heard a groan from my room. Oh shit. I almost forgot about her.

I opened the door and saw another huge mess. Are you kidding me? Why am I cleaning up things on my birthday?!
"Jimin-ah" Y/n said, laying on the floor with the blanket around her.
"Hm, what's up?"
"It's.......it's really hot."
"Is it?"
"Mhm." She nodded and tossed the blanket aside, revealing her attempt at taking off her dress.
My eyes widened.

"Y/n, let's be a good girl and go to sleep. Okay?" I pulled her straps back up and carried her to the bed.
"NoooO~!" She hopped out of my arms and headed towards the living room.
I tried stopping her again but this time she jumped around whining that she hate the heat.
"NONONONONONON! Jiminnnn. It's so hot!! I hateeeee thisssss." She tripped over a pillow.
I quickly ran towards her and caught her just in time. She went silent. She stared at me.
"Chubby." She said as she started poking my cheeks.
"Yah. Go back to bed."
"No, chubby Chimchim!" She giggled
"YAH!" I accidentally shouted
She stared at me again.

"*hic* Ji...OMMAAAA." She burst into tears and fell to the ground.
"WHYYYY, *hic* don't leaveeeeeeee."
"Don't worry. I won't leave. I'm right here." I remembered what she said at her house last time.
"LIAR!" She screamed.
"I HATE YOU SO MUCH. *hic* ALWAYS LEAVIN *hic* ME! *hic*" She threw her arms around and kicked her legs, not letting me close to her. She was acting like a little kid and I honestly don't like that.

"YAH! YOU HAVE ME!" I shouted.
"Who *hic* are you....?" She wiped her tears and stopped throwing a tantrum.
"Park Jimin! I will always belong to (full name)!" I said, squatting down and wiping her tears away. Please don't cry.

She kept silent and hugged me. *hic*
I slowly patted her back and returned the hug. "It's alright. This too, shall pass."

Pound, pound
AGH! My head hurts so fxcking much! I rolled to the left side of my bed and hit a wall. "Since when did I have a wall on the r-" I opened my eyes. "Wait what?"

Pound, pound
My head hurts even more now. I sat up, knowing that the headache will worsen, and looked around the room. Who's room is this? I carefully examined some things inside the room. Definitely a boys room.

I walked outside and realized I was only wearing my underwear and a large t-shirt.
I ignored it and walked towards the kitchen. Oh.
"Oh y/n, you're finally awake."
"Mm yeah..but..what happened?" I said as I held my hands in front of me.
"Well.. I'll explain it to you later. For now, just brush up. There should be some new things in the bathroom."

I brushed my teeth and washed my face. Oh gosh. I don't remember anything at all...

I walked back to the kitchen and saw that he had prepared breakfast.
"Look's good." I said, picking up my fork.
"OMG! This is delicious!" I said.
"Haha, thanks." He smiled at me.
"So continuing what I asked earlier..." I said
"Well... Taehyung kinda...." He explained to me how I got drunk and stuff because of Tae.
"Wait.. Why am I in your clothes tho? Did you possibly..." I blushed at the thought of him taking my clothes off.
"AH! NO! You see..When I was trying to put you back to bed, you had another vomit attack. I obviously didn't want you to sleep in your vomit so uh yea..I did change your clothes for you. I SWEAR I DIDN'T LOOK AT YOU THOUGH!" He said, putting two hands up in the air, as if surrendering.

I gave him that look before saying, "Okay fine. I trust you...."

Jimin's POV
Y/n almost scared me this morning. She came out wearing my t-shirt on her, which looked oversize since she was petite. She looks so innocent and cute.
"I SWEAR I DIDN'T LOOK AT YOU THOUGH!" I said, defending myself. I honestly tried not to. I don't want to hurt her in anyway.
"Okay fine. I trust you..."
Thank God.

Phew. I almost died.

I'm still sorting things out with the 2 stories. *cries*
Why is english so hard. ;-;
See you in my next chapter and don't forget to smile! :)

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