[9] Surprise

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Today's D-day.
I got up and changed into a cute pastel purple dress, I wore a sweater over it so it didn't seem to party-like (yet).
The doors opened. "Oh, morning." Jimin said.
"What are you gonna make for me today?" I asked. I felt kinda bad because he was the special guest today but I'm making him make food for me.
"Fried rice. Sorry, I don't really know how to cook that much. Just one of the simple things Jin had taught me."
His hair was still not tidied and it looked good on him. Kinda sexy. Mentally slaps myself. What are you thinking?

"Here ya go." He said as he placed the plate in front of me. "Wow. It actually smells and taste good! I'm impressed." I said.
"Haha. Thanks. Me too actually."
"Sorry. Phone."
Jimin: hello?
?: hero it's me. Alien.
Jimin: what.
Tae: are you in your apartment right now? I'm in the lobby.
Jimin: yea but why.
Tae: can you come down. There's a bit of a problem.
Jimin: no Tae, no I'm not helping you ag-
"AISH! Why'd he hang up on me huh?"
"What's wrong?" I asked, pretending to not know.
"Nothing. Wait here. I need to go down and do something real quick. I'll be right back."
"Oh. Okay."

2 minutes after he left, the bell rang. I looked through the peep hole and saw it was them. I opened the door. "Yah. What a nice apartment he got here." Yoongi said.
"Woah look at that bookshelf! Does he even read?" Jungkook said.
"Guys, we're here to decorate and celebrate his birthday, we can examine his apartment after we finish." Jin said.

One hour later
Wow, somehow, it looked great. The decoration was a bit cheesy I have to say. Like what you would do for a 8 year old but it'll do.
I don't know what Taehyung was doing out there, to get us an hour but dang.
Message: Tae - we're in the elevator right now!! Prepare yourselves!

"Guys! He's coming soon!" I whispered-yell.
We all hid behind a object while I returned to eating my fried rice, which was now cold.

At first he looked surprised but then he immediately laughed.
"What?" I asked.
"Actually I'm really sorry guys. When Taehyung sent the elevator text, he sent it to the whole group chat. So-" he started laughing again.
I looked back at the message. Indeed Taehyung sent it to the chat with Jimin in it.
"YAH PABO! How...ARGH." I jumped in frustration.
Jungkook ran over and slapped Tae on the back. "Better luck next time hyung."
Tae stood there in shock. "But...I took forever to give you guys that one hour. And now."

We all laughed. Jimin then noticed I was still eating the fried rice. "Yah stop eating that. It's gotten cold. Plus it taste bad." He took the plate and was about to put the food into the garbage can.
"NO. Think about all the people who can't eat food! I can't just let it go to waste!" I took the plate back and quickly finished it.
"Let me take out the pills before you start getting a stomachache later." Jimin said as he opened one of the cupboards.

10 minutes later, I was sitting in the washroom. Great. I'm suppose to be out there playing games with them but now I'm stuck in the washroom because I felt bad for wasting food. Seriously?

End of chapter

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