[1] Rencontre

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You turned around to see your best friend, Kathy, running towards you in the hallway.

"We have math and english together!" Kathy said giving you a bear hug.

"Ugh, math is going to be so boring."

"It won't be, with me! ^__^ Anyways, it's 8:10. Class is going to start in 10 minutes. See ya Y/N!" said Kathy as she started heading to her homeroom.

You looked out towards the window and see the cloudless, blue sky. Ahh. Grade 11 huh?
You looked around your classroom and see if there were any good spots. You didn't mind sitting in the front, but there were already people there and you didn't quite know them.

You found a seat in the middle row near the window. You started taking out your stuff when someone walked over and said "Is this seat taken?"

You replied with a simple head shake. You stared at him for a while before returning to what you were doing. Light brown hair, 2-3 ear piercings per ear, black converse. I wish I could dye my hair.. and get piercings. Sigh. But you had to admit, he looked pretty handsome. More people started to come in and fill the empty seats.

"Good morning class! My name is Mrs. Kim. I will be your history teacher for this semester. I hope you all had a wonderful summer break..."

I looked around the room. Everyone here looked really tan and really exhausted. Even though I saw most of the people in my class from my last two years, there were a few unfamiliar faces. Transfer students? It wasn't that uncommon for our school considering the fact that our neighbourhood is fairly mixed.

And so, because of those few people, Mrs. Kim decided to get us to introduce ourselves to each other (and FYI, I haven't done this since grade 9, which was AGES ago).

Our group just looked around at each other before asking who wanted to start. "Uhm, hi. My name's Y/N." I said as I did a little wave.
So these were the people in my group: Suzy, Jessica, Jackson, Mark and Jimin.

So the good-looking guy's name was Jimin. Huh.
I went through the rest of the first 3 periods just playing around on my laptop. After lunch, I decided to go to the park before heading home since I had a spare*. First day of grade 11 and I already have 2 assignments due by the end of the week.

I waited for my bus to arrive when suddenly, someone tapped me on the shoulder.
"Hey y/n!"
I turned around to be greeted by a blue and black coloured snapback.
"Who...?" I replied.
He took a step closer and I could clearly see his face now.
"C'mon. You already forgot my name? It's Jimin."
"Sorry, your face was covered so..." I replied, turning my back to him.
"Do you also go on bus 29A?" He took another step forward and stood beside me.
I nodded my head.
We both left the bus at my stop. I decided to go home since I don't really wanna go anywhere now.

"Hey y/n, wanna hang out at the park with me?"

*Spare - basically an extra class

Hello my potatoes! This is my very very veryyy first writing piece that isn't for school. Haha. It was kinda difficult to make it flow since I just had random ideas pop up in my head.

Hopefully you'll find this enjoyable and if you have any suggestions or requests (or really anything at all), please don't hesitate to ask me!

On the side note, I just decided to start writing this since I was bored at a family party. Hah~

See you in the next chapter and don't forget to smile! :)

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