[7] Sleepover

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I went to the laundry room and put my shirt into the washing machine. Damnit. How do I work this thing? I tried twisting some handles but all it did was make the machine go beep beep.

"Need help?" Jimin popped his head into the room.
I nodded shyly. I stared at him as he turned the handles, pushed some buttons, and threw my top into the washer. Somehow, he looked manly.

After that, Jimin and I ate some snacks while trying to find a movie to watch.
"Sorry, where's the washroom?"
"Down the hallway, last door on the left." I said, placing a chip into my mouth.
While he was in there, his phone got a message.
Message: aLiEn TaE - YO BOI. What do u wanna do on ur bday this Saturday?

Ohmygosh. I need to prepare something for him! Should I reply to this text..? No..that wouldn't be right. I'll see if I can meet some people around school.

Jimin came back from the washroom. "Have you chose a movie yet?" He asked.
"No, but you got a message." I said, pointing to his phone.
"Oh thanks." He read it and replied quickly.
Few seconds later. Ding.
He replied. Ding.

"Sorry.... It's just a friend." Jimin said.
"Do I know them?" I asked. Hopefully He'll introduce me to them so that we can plan something for his birthday.
"Well I was going to introduce you guys today but...Wait, I'll add you to our group chat. Kathy's already in it." He said.

I looked at my phone.
You have just been invited to a group chat.

Tae: Oh is this y/n?! HELLO!
Kathy: AY! Y/n is finally here!
Jin: STOP SPAMMING GUYS! Do something more useful!
Kookie: Hello! *sends welcome sticker*

I laughed. "They seem like a fun bunch." I looked at Jimin.
"Don't get me started." He said.

So instead of watching a movie, we ended up chatting in the group chat. It was really fun. Although I didn't get to see their faces yet. Jimin ended up staying over since it was SUPER late.
"I'll just take the couch." Jimin said.
"Argh. I'll feel bad...I'll just lend you my room. Come on."
"No. I can't possibly entered a girl's room like that."
I stared at him and gave him the seriously? look.
"Okay fine. But if your back starts hurting or you get arthritis, it's all your fault." I said, surrendering.

I went upstairs and got a blanket and pillow for him. By the time I got back down, he was already asleep. Aish this guy.
I carefully lifted his head to put the pillow under. Please don't wake up....
And I carefully laid the blanket on top of him.

I looked at the clock. 12:25. Better hurry up. I quickly cleared the coffee table and put the dirty dishes in the sink. I'll just do them tomorrow when I get back home. I ran upstairs (making sure that a I didn't crest too much of a noise) and changed my clothes before going to sleep.

End of chapter

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