[5] Washroom

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We arrived just in time for school.

Jimin and I had our lockers next to each other so we went there first. As we walked to our lockers, the girls were looking at us.

"Hey, did she just walk in with Jimin?"
"OMG, no way. She's so lame."
"She looks so plain and boring."


It seemed like Jimin didn't notice since he walked with me to class normally.

I decided to stay for lunch today even though I have an odd schedule and could've just gone home instead.

I got my tray of food and looked around for a seat.

I saw Jimin sitting with a group of guys and a girl. Wait. I think that's Kathy!

Maybe I'll join the-



"Omg.. I'm SO sorry. I didn't mean to do that at all!"
It was the girl from earlier this morning.

I looked down at my shirt. Great. If it was water, I would've let her off but this was soup and a mix of who-knows-what.

"Ah. It's okay." I said as I faked a smile.
"Let me go and help you clean it up~" the girl said with a 'gentle' smile.
"I said it's fine." I said firmly and headed towards the washroom.

3rd person P. O. V.
Jimin was sitting with his friends and Kathy, a friend of y/n. She said you were going to come soon so he tried to look for you in the crowd.

Suddenly he heard a loud sound. He looked over to where you were.

"I said it's fine."

As you headed to the washroom, Jimin walked over to the group of girls.

"You.." Jimin said.
"Oh Jimin oppa~~ How are you?" The girl said.
"That was on purpose right? How, how dare you! I heard you this morning too! Stop bad mouthing people or I'll shut you up myself!"

Jimin stormed off to go and find you, leaving the girl in shock.

Your P. O. V.
Ahh. Seriously? This was one of my expensive shirts too. Hopefully mom won't mind too much. You know that your mom is very possessive and whenever she hears people doing something bad to you, she WILL fight back.

You turned on the tap and started getting a bunch of paper.
You saw Jimin appear in the girls' washroom.

"Yah!!! What are you doing in here!?"
"There's no one in here anyways."
"I'll help you-" he said as he took the paper towels from your hand and put them under the running water.

"N-no. I'm fine. I'll clean it off myself." You said as you tried to take the paper towels back.

He watched you as you cleaned yourself up. The whole shirt was stained. It wasn't working at all.

"Here how 'bout this, I'll lend you my sweater and we'll just clean this." Jimin said as he took off his sweater revealing his white tee underneath.

"No, I'm seriously okay." You said and he shoved his sweater in front of your face.

Aish. "Okay, okay, fine."

You went into a stall and changed. The sweater was just big enough to not drown you.

You walked out and saw Jimin staring and your face turned red. You quickly turned on the faucet and started cleaning your shirt again.

"You can't possibly get the stains out like that. Here." Jimin said as he placed his hands on yours and started washing your shirt.

Fxck. My mind's blank. I swear my face is as red as a tomato right now.

"Ok, I think that's is as best as it gets. We'll just throw it in the washing machine when you get home. Y/N?" Jimin said as he waved his hand towards your face.

"Huh? Oh..uh.. Yea."
"By the way, you didn't have lunch yet, right? If you want, we can eat out. After what happened.." He trailed off, scratching the back of his neck.

"Sure. I'll go get my stuff and I'll meet you in front of the school."
"I'll come with you. I don't have anything to bring anyways."

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