[19] Confession

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"I don't think I can be friends with you anymore."

"What? Why?" I asked in confusion. I held onto his arm.
"It's just... my feelings for you aren't the ones I should be having for a friend...even if they are really close ones."
"What are you talking about? Do you hate me?" I was mildly confused.

"Y/n, I like you. I love you. Not as a good friend to rely on. Not the same feelings I have for Namjoon or Yoongi, but the ones I would have for someone I want to cherish for the rest of my life."

Whatever happened next: was weird. I remember having a smile crawl up from my face and I hugged Jimin.

"y/n? Do you hate me now..?"
"No," I kept of smiling. "I love you all the more now."

Next day at school

Jimin and I decided to take the bus to school together everyday from now on. He would occasionally come over for breakfast and dinner and I would go to his apartment for the same thing.

We walked to our lockers holding hands. I was in a really happy mood so I didn't care what came my way.

"That bitch.....look, she's already found another man..........she's hooking up with all the good lookin' ones...."

Jimin let go of my hand and turned around. "Should I go tell your mom that she made a mistake with the birth certificate and get you refunded?"
"Yah, Jimin. It's fine. Just ignore them."
"But it's not true!"
"That's for them to sort out." I said as I closed my locker. "Ready to go?" I asked.


"OHHHHHH" was the reaction from our friends.
"You two look cute together." Kathy said, giving me a wink.

"I can finally tell her the embarrassing moments!" Jungkook said.
"What?! NO!" Jimin said ruffling Kookie's hair.
"WHAT! Tell me tell me!!!" I said, leaning into Kookie.

"During class one time...he was doodling your name all over his notebook! I'm pretty sure he has it in his bag right now..."

I looked at him. "Show it to me." I said as I put my hand out.
"HEY! That could be a lie! Don't just trust everyone you hear from!" Jimin said, clutching onto his bag.

"Oppa~~~~~Please show me~" Today was the first day I called him 'oppa' and I could feel our faces turning red.

I opened to the very last page of the notebook and stared at it. The page was completely covered by my name. It was written in cursive, bubble letters, blocks. Jimin suddenly took it back. "That's all you can look at!" He said, shoving the notebook back into his bag.

"No! We didn't get to see it yet!" Taehyung said.
"You don't need to see it." Jimin said

The rest of the day was like any other day. Jimin and I took the bus back home and ate at each other houses when we wanted to. We went on occasional dates and had out intimate times when we were ready.

We were a pair.

Together forever.

End of book

Hello potatoes!
What do you think about this? AHH FINALLY FINISHED A BOOK. While I was writing this chapter, another book popped up in my head. Heheh. It's going to be a Jungkook book. Hope you guys look forward to it!

I still have 2 unfinished JiminxReader book at the moment. So before starting the maknae one, I should probably finish those ones first.

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