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" Pick him up and put him in his cabin again." Chaos said referring to Percy.

" But he is just fine." Will said.

" He need not learn things that we are talking." Chaos said.

Will and another Apollo kid took him back.

" So who is it?" I asked.

" Yeah exactly! I mean I am freaking out how come gods don't know about something like that. Not even mom!" Malcolm said with a hand on his forehead.

" Your parents don't know a lot and that's very good of them!" Chaos said in the coldest and threatening voice in the history.

" So is it the prophecy? " Rachel asked.

" Yes! But before that I would like to tell Jessica about her past." Chaos said.

" What past?" Jessica asked.

Chaos looked at Hestia and Hestia started saying" Jessica is no normal daughter of PAN."

She looked at Jessica. Jessica had a serious face like she was trying real hard to remember her past. Any thing. Any clue.

" What's so special about me?" Jess asked.

" You are the first and only daughter of Pan." Hestia said" Your father didn't just give you protection but also powers. Some very ancient powers. Powers that bring down some of the great beings of the Galaxy. But he didn't knew what to do with you because when you were born there was no Camp Half blood."

" H...How old am I? " Jessica asked.

" You are the first ever demigod to live on this planet. You are centuries old. Your powers on wild and nature overtakes many minor gods and great heroes of world." Hestia said proudly.

" Then why wasn't I brought earliest why now?" Jessica asked.

" I didn't knew what to do and how to protect you from my power freak brothers. " She gave her best glare to her brothers.

" So I locked your powers after a lot of hard work and now it's time we unleash your power to protect this world." Hestia said.

" How will you do it? I wanna save this world. I wanna save Percy from all this mess." Jessica said getting excited.

" Quest" Chaos said.

" Quest?" many shouted

" Yes a quest to the land of Antarctica. " Chaos announced.

" How will they survive that place?" Ares asked.

" Jessica's power can be unleashed only in death type situation. But her power over nature will help her survive. " Hestia said.

" Who will be my partner? " Jess asked.

" Percy. His powers must be tested now. It's high time we know that we are putting our money on right horse." Chaos said.

" So both of you will leave tomorrow on a quest to save this world and prepare for the greatest war of the world. " Chaos said and flashed out.

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