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"Me" I turned to see Piper saying this word.

" What? " Annabeth asked.

" Yes I stole the sword." Piper said.

" Did I do something wrong that you wanted to get back at me?" Leo asked.

" No, its Jason. " She said.

" What? " Jason asked.

" Piper Calm down and tell what happened? " I calmed a little.

" I don't know, it was a black figure with mask, it asked me the sword in my dream and told he would kill Jason if I won't do what he said." She told and broke down.

I gave her a shoulder.

Everyone was looking confused. Trying to figure out who this person might be.

" Did he mention his intentions ever Piper? " Annabeth asked.

" Yes he told he will take down Chaos " Piper told.

" So it's the war for the throne of the universe." Athena said.

" So how is this sword and Percy related to it." Poseidon asked.

" Percy is Chaos student. If that person will take down Percy, it would be a easy an equal for him to take down Chaos." Jason said tactically.

" Piper was it Kronos?" Nico asked and earned a smack on his head from Thalia.

" How will she know? She wasn't in the Titans war."Thalia said.

" How will we come to know who is this person?" Reus asked.

" Which person? " a voice asked.

We turned to see the real Chaos with the fake Chaos i.e Percy in his hand with a lot of wounds and cuts.

" Oh my god! What happened to him? " Annabeth said.

" Nothing as usual, almost dead." Chaos said.

Guess who that person is?

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