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Recap of Diamonds & Pearls (25)-Lies Undone:

            Daleela's family finds out about Erik's abuse towards Daleela one by one. Erik, unrepentant, is restrained by policemen until his father arrives. Expecting his father to take his side like he has all of his life, he endures a rude awakening when Jim forces him to apologize to Daleela. Erik's father offers to take care of the damages done to her and even guarantees his son will be put to trial. This is all thanks to Cole anonymously revealing Jim's wife's affair with Erik after finding out about Rafiq and Daleela's almost-kidnapping.

            In the midst of the chaos, Zayna realizes her sister and Cole are in love with each other. Daleela can't come to terms with this nor accept the reality of the truth that is right in front of her.  Rafiq gets beaten by Erik's friends. Daleela tries to get closer to Allah in the middle of all of the pain and confusion. Daleela must face Zayna and Zayan's questions and only ends up giving them answers they don't want to hear. In the process of trying her best to defend Cole's honor and make her siblings understand her, she ends up hurting Zayan.

            Charice shows up unexpectedly at the house to warn Daleela about something that has already happened. Standoffish,  Daleela barely gives Charice a chance to speak her peace. Charice reveals the reasons for her actions and her history with Erik and Aimee. Daleela listens guardedly only to forgive her after hearing the horrific truth. Zayan decides to let Daleela enjoy the displeasure of telling their parents the truth. Things become tense between Daleela's parents as they argue over whether or not she should switch schools. Aiken and Badriyah successfully submit vitally important information to the authorities.

            Daleela is faced with the dilemma of whether or not to attend a reconciliation dinner with the Howards family.

Diamonds & Pearls

Before You Read: Hey guys! Quick reminder here! If you're delaying a prayer right now to read this story, stop whatever you're doing and go pray! Don't let anything take you away from Allah. Especially not this story. Now if you're all prayed up, go ahead and enjoy this chapter.

CHAPTER TWENTY SIX- I Hate You, Don't Leave Me

            I sat in front of my parents and tried to appear oblivious to what they were about to say. "You wanted to talk to me?" I asked timidly. My mother nodded somberly.

            "Yeah, we wanted to speak to you sweetheart." She replied softly, her voice filled with exhaustion. She gestured for me to come and sit across from them.  I obeyed silently and took a seat. "Your father got a call from Mr. Howards, the father of that...boy, and he's asked if we could all come over for dinner and talk. I was against it at first but your dad has convinced me that we should try to keep him on our side if we can, despite how much I already dislike him." I nodded and looked down at my entwined fingers. "You were invited as well but it's your choice on whether or not you want to go. If it's too much too fast, we completely understand. We think it is best you stay home but if for some reason you want to come, you can. We just wanted to put it out there."

            "I'll go," I breathed without hesitation, rising from my seat. I shoved my hands into the pockets of my jeans so they wouldn't see them shaking. "If you guys are going to be discussing events pertaining to me, I'd feel a little better if I was present."

            My parents looked as if they hadn't been prepared for my answer. They looked at each other worriedly. Apparently, they'd expected me to want to stay home. "O-Oh...well be ready to go by seven o'clock." My father announced, a perturbed look marring his features.

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