DESTINY (Shivika-Ishqbaaz) by Aarushi0403
DESTINY (Shivika-Ishqbaaz)by Aarushi0403
A rich girl who rejected a marriage proposal without knowing who it was from, just to complete a challenge....!! What happens when destiny play its cards and the girl la...
  • priveer
  • villans
  • ishqbaazi
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The Shadow Runners -A Septiplier Fanfic by YurpZie
The Shadow Runners -A Septiplier YurpZie
"We run in the shadows, we bend the light to our advantage, we use what we are given, and we have our free will. We can be independent, or stick to one another. W...
  • lgbt
  • septiplier
  • villans
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Psycho(BWWM) by ElizabethDavis9
Psycho(BWWM)by LizzyInColor
Desdemoan is special, and she is part of only 1 percent of the human race that is born with hyper genes. She has what they call Sovereignty, and she is looked down on as...
  • crazygirl
  • action-adventure
  • submissive
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Transfer at U.A. [Bakugou X Reader] by MarMarPika4
Transfer at U.A. [Bakugou X Reader]by Maru
A student from the United States was transferred into the Hero Class 1-A she's highly talented and skilled. Her parents are both a doctor and a hero. Come along with Mi...
  • bakumoto
  • myheroacademia
  • bakugo
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(Completed) ENEMIES▪LADYBUG AND CHAT NOIR▪ by TorneaIonela
(Completed) ENEMIES▪LADYBUG AND Tornea Ionela
{She is a hero, He is a villan. They fight not knowing their true identity. They have a crush on each other in real life, but are enemies in their super hero forms. Will...
  • miraculousladybug
  • criminalchatnoir
  • chatnoir
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The Daughter of Maleficent by Amelia_Huerta
The Daughter of Maleficentby Amelia
*Completed* He stared at her in shock,"You're the descendant?!" She gawked at him,"Your the prince?!" "I think we should continue this later.&q...
  • safelove
  • kings
  • lies
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Ill Auras by Village_of_Strawhat
Ill Aurasby The Strawhats
"Well, you know what they say: karma is a bitch." -- Yuudai Akido (First name, surname) Gender: Male. Quirk: Karma. By hearing, or touching a person this perso...
  • myheroacademia
  • quirk
  • heros
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Behind It All by Goldsakura1
Behind It Allby Goldsakura1
This is a story, about the making of a villain. Not building one, but formed by pain and hurt. Though, before the villain came to be, they just wanted a friend. Nothing...
  • friendship
  • heartache
  • villans
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The Queens of Gotham by Twelvethirty
The Queens of Gothamby love robin forever
This is the sequel to Renegade: robin's sister.
  • paralleluniverse
  • ocs
  • batman
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Kidnapped || Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction|| by Mari_Kitty_chat
Kidnapped || Miraculous Ladybug Kitty
Everything in Marinette's life is just perfect. -Great grades. -The best of friends. -And most of all the most loving boyfriend in the world. But what happens when the l...
  • adrien
  • marichat
  • adrinette
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Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover by endimurrell234
Don't Judge A Book By It's Coverby Endiya Murrell
Elsa,Merdia,Anna,and Rapunzel all look like regular girls but that is the opposite of what they are. They are from a all girl spy team. There mission is to capture Gothe...
  • hans
  • pitch
  • flynnunzel
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The Big 8 Spies  by JordanAlexa
The Big 8 Spies by Jordan Alexa
The 4 friends get a large turn around when they're asked to be spies. They are called the Big Eight, but who are the rest? This book takes place in modern times. It's an...
  • villans
  • action
  • kristanna
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Harley Quinn x Reader one shots. GxG ❤🌈 by BubblegumHarleyQ
Harley Quinn x Reader one shots. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ ❤
Hi welcome to this Harley Quinn one shots x reader!. There's not many around so I thought abt writing some. I'll be writing a bunch of random cute one shots for you to...
  • oneshots
  • gay
  • gxg
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Boku No Hero Academia: The Yosei by The_Yosei
Boku No Hero Academia: The Yoseiby Velvet Crowe
Various boys + girls Having a eye on our dear Yosei!? ehm, anyway. This is a Oc x various. I hope u enjoy and I'm a huge fan of this Anime!!!!! I Fangirl too much...
  • bhna
  • superheroes
  • harem
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In between by Pesciangelo
In betweenby Pesciangelo
After 5 years, the titans all throw a party to celebrate their five year anniversary of forming the teen titans. Things have changed- Robin had dropped Robin and had be...
  • romance
  • dc
  • drama
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Birth Of Damnation. by DejaneiraCantizaniz
Birth Of Dejaneira M. Cantizaniz
Once someone said 'those who stood on the top will fall, they all are going to fall. Driven by the hunger for power, the blood of the innocent will cover their streets...
  • legends
  • beautiful
  • kingdoms
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The Darkened Angel (A BnHa Fanfic) by DatOTPgirl
The Darkened Angel (A BnHa Fanfic)by DatOTPGirl
Name: (Your Name) (Your Last Name) Age: 14 Quirk: Dark Angel Personally: Cheerful and Happy, sometimes shy. Occupation: Idol. (Your Name) is a Japanese girl who moved t...
  • villans
  • readerinsert
  • bnha
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The Transfer Studdent by AmberLycan
The Transfer Studdentby AmberLycan
This is the story of a girl who wanted to be a hero just to do good like her big brother.When her school in the United States gives the news that one luky studdent will...
  • drama
  • werewolf
  • cursing
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Home of the Warriors by CForest6
Home of the Warriorsby C Forest
Shadow is the daughter of the lands greatest known hero. Her life must be perfect right? Wrong, with an abusive father and dead mother shadow is alone. Until she starts...
  • fiction
  • magic
  • life
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