militia ( flag. ) by cweasleys
militia ( flag. )by ˗ˏˋashleyˊˎ˗
❝ LOVE DOESN'T ALWAYS RAGE LIKE A FIRE, IT CAN COOL LIKE STILL WATER. ❞ in which chandler kemp is shown that not every war is worth the battles. FULL...
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Transfer at U.A. [Bakugou X Reader] by MarMarPika4
Transfer at U.A. [Bakugou X Reader]by Maru
A student from the United States was transferred into the Hero Class 1-A she's highly talented and skilled. Her parents are both a doctor and a hero. Come along with Mi...
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devil inside of me [ suicide squad ] by cupcakesforbrains
devil inside of me [ suicide ashley🌹
She's got the devil and she's got the darkness. But what she doesn't have, is her freedom. Taniver Blackburn otherwise known as the Midnight has been locked up in the ba...
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Diamonds & Pearls by PurityInMyHeart
Diamonds & Pearlsby Jameelah (Mi-Mi)
Daleela is fifteen, hormonal, and all around your average teenage Muslim girl. Well, you know, if being a Muslim girl in America is what you call average to start with...
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My One and Only Villain (The Thundermans FF) by Freeing_Blue
My One and Only Villain (The Autumn Marie
Hi. My name is Grace Arrow I'm fifteen years old and I have superpowers. yeah yeah, I know what you're thinking. 'That's typical' But I just want to be normal. Having...
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DESTINY (Shivika-Ishqbaaz) by Aarushi0403
DESTINY (Shivika-Ishqbaaz)by Aarushi0403
A rich girl who rejected a marriage proposal without knowing who it was from, just to complete a challenge....!! What happens when destiny play its cards and the girl la...
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Todoroki X (Shy) Reader by KawaiiKittySama
Todoroki X (Shy) Readerby KawaiiKittySama
Let me clarify I'm not the best at writing and I might not upload a lot. But if you enjoy I will be happy about that. Basically this will be a story about you and Todor...
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The Daughter of Maleficent by Amelia_Huerta
The Daughter of Maleficentby Amelia
*Completed* He stared at her in shock,"You're the descendant?!" She gawked at him,"Your the prince?!" "I think we should continue this later.&q...
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In between by Pesciangelo
In betweenby Pesciangelo
After 5 years, the titans all throw a party to celebrate their five year anniversary of forming the teen titans. Things have changed- Robin had dropped Robin and had be...
  • justiceleague
  • teentitans
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Rabbit by wuinrey
Rabbitby Quin swann
Izuku was supposedly a quirk less teen with nothing to go for him but what happens when all that was a lie and in fact he did have a quirk but hid it from prying eyes? R...
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Batman: Rise of The Hackers by CarlosPomerat
Batman: Rise of The Hackersby Carlos Pomerat
A new super villain, known as The Hacker, decides to take control of Gotham City's computer systems and devices. It's up to Batman to stop the madness, but he has every...
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Don't Love Me, Please ~ Shigaraki Tomura x OC by aesthetic-n-stuff
Don't Love Me, Please ~ Tbh Idk
COMPLETED STORY ~"Each hateful word that ever came out of her mouth seemed sweet and lovely. Every horrid thing I had ever heard her say was music to my ears."...
  • murder
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Spiderman x male reader by TheJinxedDemon
Spiderman x male readerby TheJinxedDemon
Y/n m/n l/n was never a normal "human" he has secrets and his crush and the avengers find out about it? Will he be eliminated or recruited and accepted/loved?
  • ironman
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The Agreste siblings  by disneyworkslove
The Agreste siblings by disneyworkslove
When Adrien's unknown twin sister (Lydia) who lives in New York City was forced to move back to Paris due to recent situations. How will she feel when she arrives back h...
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The Transfer Studdent   [BNHA Fanfic] by AmberLycan
The Transfer Studdent [BNHA AmberLycan
This is the story of a girl who wanted to be a hero just to do good like her big brother.When her school in the United States gives the news that one luky studdent will...
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Ninjago Rankings by The_lightning_ninja
Ninjago Rankingsby ⚡️
Me ranking aspects of ninjago from best to worst
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The Big 8 Spies  by JordanAlexa
The Big 8 Spies by Jordan Alexa
The 4 friends get a large turn around when they're asked to be spies. They are called the Big Eight, but who are the rest? This book takes place in modern times. It's an...
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The Richest Female Duck In The World - 2017 - 2018 DuckTales Fanfic Reboot  by DestructionGirl1012
The Richest Female Duck In The Demon Butler’s Wife
A young lady in America in the local town of DuckBurg became the second richest duck in the world and the world's most richest female duck at that. She created her compa...
  • carolina
  • river
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The Darkened Angel (A BnHa Fanfic) by DatOTPgirl
The Darkened Angel (A BnHa Fanfic)by DatOTPGirl
Name: (Your Name) (Your Last Name) Age: 14 Quirk: Dark Angel Personally: Cheerful and Happy, sometimes shy. Occupation: Idol. (Your Name) is a Japanese girl who moved t...
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